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Oral Winstrol versus Injectable Winstrol

Is there any difference in taking 100 mgs of winstrol a day in oral form or taking 100 mgs a day in injectable form, by itself, in a 6-8 week cycle? I cannot see the difference as both are 17-aa. As long as liver and kidney protectors(evening primrose, liv-104, milk thistle, quercetin, ALA, cran ext) are taken is there any advantage to injecting? I have 50 mg winstrol pills and contemplating my first cycle. This is all I have(along with some clomid, of course) so i would like to use it to my advantage. I am a tested competitive athlete so I cannot use certain substances. Anyone who has any ideas-please let me know.

No, there is no difference in the amount of steroid you will receive. The sole difference will be the times in which you must take them. Orals you would probably take 4-5 times daily while injecting you can go days without injecting (due to a longer half life). As for the liver protectors, doin an 8 week cycle of winstrol at 100mg/day is not goin to damage your liver (assuming you’re a healthy individual). Good luck and happy growing.

anyone else? Brock or bill?

Both of you are wrong and I suggest you
do more research before using IP’s 50mg
Stanocaps :wink:

Injectable is much better, because you miss the 1st pass at hepatic metabolism and the pK curve is a little bit flatter causing the AUC to be a little larger.

You don’t need all the “kidney and liver”
protection crap you mentioned either.

Frig, the paranoia never ends, does it?

Suggest, since you have 100 of them IP'ers in a bottle, that you do one cycle of 50mg/day x 50 days and save the other 50 for another cycle.

Clomid is not required but will not hurt. - Brock

Would 50mg stanazolol/day produce good results without stacking it with a Testosterone ester or another class I?

I was under the impression that Winstrol was pretty weak unless stacked with a class I.

I am not sure I agree 100% with Bill’s
theory on “class I/II”. The theory has a lot
of merit but it’s probably an oversimplification the way it is being presented.

My opinion is that there us surely another
mechanism by which steroids work other
than binding to the AAR in the traditional
sense. I think Bill would concur with
me here (and his Class I/II idea validates
that). However, I think that to say there is
ONLY one other mechanism is short
sighted and quite premature.

There could be n = infinity ways that steroids work. There could be two classes. There could be 50!!!

So rather than looking at “Class I/II”,
my personal preference is to look
at each individual steroid and make

50mg of stano by itself will make you much harder, more vascular, quite leaner and will add a lot of strenght (albeit not nearly as much size as test or dbol).

I think it is a nice thing solo for sure.


Brock, I would argue that although there may be infinite chemical pathways through which steroids elicit their effects, there is still a generalization to be made, as binding to the androgen receptors are the dominant factor. There may be alternate effects of steroids, stanazolol being an example as having anti-progestagenic activity, so you certainly can’t be wrong for taking these into account. However, the class I/II generalization is still valid, even though it may neglect some of the quirky combinations.

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