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Oral Winstrol - Tendon Pain?


i started my first roid 16 days ago. 50mg of winstol a day for 30 days. i also take anavate multi vitamin, vitamin c, and started glucosamine when i started the winny.
i am a newb, i get it. bb.com sux for info. after reading more on here, winny oral only is not a good thing to do. at least from the other threads i read.

i am looking to cut fat and hold onto all my mass.
when i started i was 204lbs at 17% bf. too high bf i know.
but about a week ago i noticed results. my diet is in line, my training is in line.
been a consistant lifter for a little over 3 years now and (i know this is frowned apon on this website) severl "experienced" lifters and bodybuilders have told me winstol was the way to go for me.

i am now 210lbs. my vascularity is the biggest inprovement i have seen thus far.
feel great in the weight room
the negative: i have always taken vitamins at 10am. after first meal. with the winny my sleep has been very disrupted. should i take it as soon as i wake up?

today, i have had shooting pain from my sholder down to the inside part of my elbow. i have heard winny is hard on the tendons. is this true? should i be concerned?
im just lookin for some help on the negative to get me through this first go around.
next time i will be gettin some test in me after i have dropped to 12%bf.
any advice would be appreciated. thanks.