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Oral winstrol only cycle?

I’m on a diet, and want to be harder and add some mass 2-3 kg.

Any point in an oral winstrol cycle?

I am 194 pounds, 28 years, with 12% bodyfat. I have been training for almost 10 years.

2-3 weeks 50 mg
2 weeks 75 mg
1-2 weeks clomid

Or would the natural testosterone be suppressed too much, and this “low” dosage be to weak to have any effect?

My diet on cycle:

300 grams protein
200 grams carbs
50 grams good fat

Advice needed! :slight_smile:

You could probably meet your goals taking 50-100 mg per day.

Like P-22 said, 50-100mg per day is good. Don’t bump your cycle up or taper it down, just keep it consistant for 6 weeks straight.

A suggestion for your diet though. I would personally bring down your carbs a bit more and increase your fats slightly. Take your carbs with the meal you wake up to, and with your post workout shake ONLY. Good luck.