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Oral Winstrol Only Cycle

Hi there , i am a 19 year old doing my 2nd year at engineering school.
my current stats are
height: 175 cm
weight:77 kgs
B.F% : 11 %

i used to be really obese , but then through exercise and proper diet i reduced about 42 kgs of body weight from being 107 to about 65 kgs . then i felt that i was too weak and increased my weight upto my current level.

the problem arose when i told my gym instructor that i wanted some muscle gains but i didnt want to do a bulking diet and that i felt weak most of the time.

he gave me tabs telling that they are multivitamins only and prescribed me
1 suprydin 1-0-1
2 liv.52 2-0-1
3 becousle 1-0-1
4 shellcoll 1-0-1
5 neurobion 1-0-1
6 menoboll 4-0-2

i only later discovered that menoboll is the local prep of stanzolol and is commonly known as winny.
i used it about for 5 weeks and initally the dose was
1st week - 4 mg daily
2nd week -6 mg daily
3rd week - 8mg daily
4th week - 10 mg daily
5th week - 12 mg daily

my main question is would shutdown have occurred in my body ?
what kind of PCT treatment i would need to undergo ?
any other suggestions ?

thank you in advance for your advice

P.s anyway to get rid of loose skin i have quite a bunch hanging around my lower abdomen

Shakes head in disappointment

Well, only way to tell for sure is to get bloodwork and see if you’re shut down

[quote]Reed wrote:
Shakes head in disappointment [/quote]
well i was misinformed , but i am happy that at least now i found out and stopped it.
any advice on PCT ?


Thank you , can you please tell me what would be a suitable way for me to recover from a shut down ?