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Oral Winstrol and Androsol

I was planning on doing 50 mgs of oral winny per day for 6 weeks in my off-season to help my athletic endeavors. I am 22, 5’9" at 205-208 pounds at 14% body fat. I figure if I stack Androsol with the winny’s then it will work well together. My question is should I use the Androsol for 3 weeks instead of 2 and will I have to take less winny to get the same results as without the Androsol? This is my first time using gear and I want to get great results with minimal side effects–dont we all. I wil take the winny 5 times per day at 10 mgs a pop. I also will be taking extra E, C, milk thistle and hemp oil. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

with winny it would make more sense to include a drug that attaches to the androgen receptors better than androdiol (or vice-versa). If I could afford that much winny I’d use it with transedermal tren.

Dawg, I already have the Winstrols and the Androsol and do not want to spend any more money. I was wondering if anyone can help me on dosages with the items I already have. Thanks