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Oral Winny Solution

Well im looking to try some powder, which i have never done before but i think i have a ok source thanks to some of the guys on here and i wanna give it a shot.

Im getting 10g winny powder that i intend to make oral. I understand it is probably easier to brew test or deca in a oil base but honestly for this first run with raw powder i wanna just try the winny to see how legit the powder is. On my last run i remember it was a very pronounced effect with AX Winny.

My question to the pros is how would u do this?

I have read everything from weighing the powder out and wrapping it in a rolling paper to eat or to making it into an oral liquid solution that i thought i had a recipe for but upon trying to find it again its mia.

If anyone has any incite or experience in this matter it would be fantastic. thanks


not one person has made a oral winny solution? honestly guys?

See if the below info helps, Stanabol being Stanzolol/Winny. Apparently it can be put into a suspesion for oral use if that is what your going for.


This is really only applicable to the 17AA steroids OXandrolone, Stanabol and Anabol. These are the only ones that are orally available. In principle the boldenone undecylenate oil can be taken orally, but daily doses of 200 mg are required, which is basically a waste of money, if a 400 mg per week injection
can achieve the same.

Pick up some sesame oil at the health store and find a container for the liquid. Determine the concentration. For Stanabol I recommend 25 mg/ml, for Anabol and Oxandrolone I suggest 20 mg/ml. Say you have 1 gram of Anabol. That’s 1000 mg.

At 20 mg per ml that equates to 50 ml of oil. So for every gram of powder you have you will make 50 ml of solution. Fill the container up with water, 50 ml per gram. If you have 5 grams,
then that’s 250 ml. Mark that spot on the container. Dump out the water and let the container dry. Dump the powder in the container and then add oil until you reach the mark you made on the container. You know have your solution at 20 mg/ml.

I suggest taking 2 ml per day (40 mg) in the morning. Use a syringe to measure out 2 ml and squirt it in your mouth, wash it down with the beverage of your choice. Remember to never use a 17AA steroid longer than 6, at the very longest 8 weeks on end, because these substances are toxic to the liver.

Remember that you need 50 ml per gram of powder for oxa and anabol and 40 ml for stanabol. This does not mean 50 and 40 ml of oil, it means 50 or 40 ml of oil, minus the space the powder takes up.

thanks yea that helps a lot.

Anybody else have any thought?

Buy a capsule machine and cap it up.

If going the oil route I would heat the solution in order to dissolve and mix the product effectivly. This can be done with something as simle as a pyrex beaker in a frying pan with some water in it on the stove.

As for capping how can you be assured that if your aiming for lets say 25mg per cap of whatever then the rest filler that you get exactly 25mg with no more than 1-2mg deviation? I’ve read where you use the old mortar and pestle or just vigourously shake up the filler and active substance in a bag, then fill the caps 24 or 50, whatever your machine does at a time.

Assuming you’ve done the proper math with measuring mg of active and filler ingredients. It just seems that using either of those methods would allow for a deviation of your active substance in each cap. Maybe by not much, but still a deviation. I’ve only ever tried to cap caffiene and yohimbine hcl and I did them in singletons. Took a while, but it seemed like it would be a surer way especially with the yohimbine needing to be a paltry 5mg in each cap, of making sure the mg of active substance were correct.

So my question would be what is the most accurate and efficient way to make sure that you are spot on in each cap? If you aiming for exactly 25mg each cap is there a way to attain that other than doing them one at a time?