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Oral Winny or Masteron?

25 years old, third cycle, 205pds, 5’9’’, 13%BF.

Trying to figure out what to run the second six weeks of my 12 week test E (500mg) cycle. Oral Winny or Masteron? Price and availability are pretty much the same. Please let me know what you guys thinkâ??any advice would be appreciated. Thanks a ton in advance.

Anabolic Rand

Are you saying oral mast as well?

I’d go for Mast over winny, save my joints some pain.

No not oral masteron, ha. I think I might save my joints and liver some of the pain and go with masteron. Although I hear the results from winny are a bit (or considerably) better.

Personally unless your extremely lean and leading into a meet I think you could spend your money in much better places than Mast just saying.

What reed Said, it wont do shit unless your lean (under 10%)

I started running it when i was at 8% and i didnt notice much cept slight strenght gain and got a harder look !

I personally can’t even lift while on Winny unless I’m running 150mg/wk of Deca for joint support which counteracts some of its effects. Mast makes me look like a chizeled sculpture mast ftw.