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Oral Versus Transdermal Dhea ??

Have people here found a difference between these 2 delivery methods and have a preference??

My understanding is that alot of guys are using smaller multiple doses of dhea throughout the day to avoid rises in E2 that they would normally get from one larger dose of oral dhea.

Transdermal creams are said to be absorbed slower and u would think avoid increases In E2. aside from absorption issues that some people have is dhea metabolized differently this way to a less or more active substance maybe?

Also would similar doses increase blood levels the same via different routes? eg maybe needing less transdermal dhea to get the same blood levels as from a higher oral dose?


Theres got to be someone who has used both and can tell me if they noticed a difference.

When i see my doc next im going to get a script for both and try them. Im currently using a cream in a combo of dhea and pregnenolone. The dhea seems to calm down the effects of pregnenolone in a good way for me but if i dose to high im buzzing to fast for my liking. Im using a dose of only 5mg each, if i use more its to intense for me. I know these are very low doses but i seem to be sensitive to them.

Im treating adrenal fatigue, My dhea, cortisol and progesterone are low. E2 was high but controlled with arimidex, also using nettle. My total T is in upper 1/3 of range and freeT was low and now moved up into low normal range after arimidex. I have been using a very low dose of progesterone which has helped alot in improving sleep quality, i know some people are anti prog but my levels were below normal range, a trial of prog has been helpful. Due for blood work soon. Maybe progesterone can help with cortisol, E2 etc will find out with blood work i guess.


I have Addison’s – adrenal insufficiency – and I take 50 mg DHEA daily. I haven’t tried a transdermal version but I have found that the 25 mg extended-release tabs from GNC (yes really, GNC) have fewer sides than any other brand I’ve tried, and I’ve probably tried a dozen or so different brands at this point including most of the expensive ones. GNC sells an instant-release version too, so make sure the bottle you buy has the little orange “Timed Release” logo on it.

Thanks for the reply Drexel. Today i used my transdermal combo as usual and took a 10mg dose of oral dhea as well, today i feel abit over stimulated, so tomorrow i will just use the oral version by itself as i think dhea amplifies the stimulating affects of pregnenolone. The extended release version sounds good. I might stick with the low doses for now and add in multiple low doses throughout the day until i find a dose i feel good with as well as labs and then try an extended release version of dhea.


There’s a high concentration of 5-alpha reductase in the skin, so i’d assume there’d be a better conversion to to testosterone and dht.

I have only taken oral Dhea so can’t comment on transdermal.

I take 100mg before bed as it helps sleep with me.

Never saw the rise in E2 and confirmed it with blood tests and there was not really any change.

Dhea-s went up considerably.