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Oral version of Nandrosol

I know this question has been addressed regarding Androsol, but as a big fan of Nandrosol (who is pissed that you guys discontinued it!), I was wondering if an oral version of Nandrosol may be in the works. (I prefer N to A, as it’s easier on my complexion). Bill? Anyone? Thanks.

I also like that product idea a great deal.
Unfortunately, Nandrosol was a big money loser.
However, nonetheless, we’re planning on
doing a careful study on whether a nor-4-AD-EC
oral product can be financially successful.

Unfortunately, people like products they
can “feel,” and nor-4-AD has little if any

Feel, schmeel! I noticed pretty continuous strength increases while on it, a constant feeling of muscular “fullness,” and zero side effects. I hope you can make an oral version of it pay off. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

Just chiming in as another guy who prefers Nandro to Andro…

I’d like to see it too :slight_smile:

just my .2 cents.

Maybe you can market it as a “finisher” to be used after the “feel” products have run their course.