Oral TurinaDROL? What's This Stuff?

I’m no chemist/not familiar enough to look at the chemical composition of this and say wtf it is, so maybe one of you can help?


if you google you can see a lot of it out there though, and cheap. thats the part that scares me. cheap. tbol isnt expensive, but it isnt THAT cheap. the paper aas suppliers are all a helluva lot more than that.

real or bs?


serious now

It really pisses me off when I see shit like that! Newbies who google search OT come up with THAT and they think it’s the legal alternative. Some companies even go so far as to add farm animals on their labels! THAT is what is wrong with the sports supplement industry!

Real OT is good stuff, I got a nice hardening effect with 50mg/day… I used it to kick off my previous Test/Deca cycle for the…


im not a newbie googling this shit, a friend actually sent that my way when i suggested he give tbol a shot. I’ve never heard of this, there’s no threads on T-Nation for it, and nothing on froogle.

It wouldnt be the first time somebody had marketed a slight derivative of tbol (ie: halodorol, or half the other shit ending in rol).

but hey, thanks for the witty answer! it was quite enlightening! it also offered as much scientific and academic background info as a Dr Seuss book. Exactly what i came here for.

i think this thread, the 2nd response, is about the same thing i was thinking when i saw this stuff:

if its close to the real deal, but not quite… might as well not screw around. it was just the price that made me curious when i saw this, and if there was anybody with enough actual knowledge (not a desire to flame) that could verify anything concrete. i wouldnt experiment with it myself vs just getting some paperbol, but if anybody else had guinea pigged themselves i’d like to know how it went.

i just had a look at the product line. they are selling derivatives of real steroids. for some of the products it is not even close, such as their winny (no 17aa) or tren knockoff. the 6-bromo androstenedione is funny, its bromo, much better than 6-oxo! (joking).

the turinabol derivative is simply the diol version of the parent compound. the activity of this compound is most likely much less than tbol. at .75-2 bucks per 10mg tbol, i do not see how this could be cheaper.

The ultimate dilemma you have to consider is: Legitimate steroids, that were first synthesized in real labs, have ‘characteristics’ that anyone can read about and apply it to their goals. Prohormones or prosteroids or whatever you want to call them, do not have a set pattern of effects on users.

For example: One could have problems with their joints and NOT want to take winstrol due to it’s ‘characteristics’ of causing most people joint inflamation. But if this same joe schmo decides to try a prosteroid that “says” this and that, and ends up causing major joint problems, then who has a problem.

The makers of Superdrol said that you would gain zero water, when I’ve heard and seen several people on boards and at my gym who’s faces were extremely bloated. STICK WITH WHAT YOU KNOW. There will almost undoubtedly be less sides. M1T? or Dbol? They have similar actions, but you will undoubtedly get less sides from good ol’ Dbol.

If you are supplement consumer, please be wise about your usage…

ubl0: thats the type info i was looking for, thanks :slight_smile: and you’re right… paperbol is actually only .50/10mg on the site i was thinking of.

jdavis: thats kind of what im sayin too man, i mean… at least with the side effects of steroids you know what they are/can counter them accordingly or least be prepared.

was just curious, as i sure as hell wouldnt experiment with the stuff, but ubl0’s answer was closer to what i was seeking. i just wanted science to debunk my friends that came at me with this, not “i wouldnt take it.”