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Oral Turinabol

Raw turinabol powder suspended in 190 proof alcohol for an oral dose, just a couple drops…small amounts, long-term. Anybody have some experience with this?

Any long term (depending on what you mean by long-term) use of a 17-alkylated androgen, which OT is, is a bad idea for the liver.

Women have had severe liver problems, namely hepatic peliosis, from ongoing use of a mere 5 mg/day of oral alkylated androgens.

So low dose is not enough to make long term use of alkylated androgens safe. Duration seems much more of a problem than daily dosage does.

In other words, I’d rather see someone use 100 mg/day of oral androgens for a limited number of weeks at a time for half the weeks of the year, year in year out, than use 10 mg/day indefinitely or maybe even 5 mg/day indefinitely,

despite the fact that total yearly intake is far greater in the first instance. The difference seems to be that the first instance allows “breaks” for the liver, an organ which regenerates quickly,

While the indefinite usage protocol allows no breaks whatsoever but only continued, never-ending adverse effect.


By long-term I was thinking 4 months, 10 to 20 mg, 3-5 days a week. With another 4 months off. The goal is not to get massive, but add agility, balance, speed, power to improve athleticism.
What advice do you have?

Oral T is the only thing I have used so I have no other experience to speak from, but whenever I took just a couple drops of it I swear I felt like the Hulk. :slight_smile:

What would you suggest?
I’m not a pro bodybuilder, my purposes are more to be able to increase my focus, work capacity, ability to manage increased stress levels in a combat environment…real-world application.

I didn’t understand you were planning to have off days. If the oral were say Dianabol then that alone would be sufficient for safety, I think, even over 16 weeks though that length is longer than one really should go with a 17-alkylated with no breaks.

But the breaks would make a real difference with Dianabol (for example), that compound having a short half-life.

But OT is pretty long acting. From the standpoint of your liver, there would still be no off days, just some that were lower levels than others, which isn’t enough.

Another aspect is that while effect on the nervous system is prompt, and doesn’t require continuing use so such off days are fine, activities requiring activation of the androgen receptor are longer term (as in, three or fours days response time) in effect.

So using midpoints of your figures, if you were planning on 60 mg per week (15 mg per day being the middle of your stated range in that regard, and four days per week being the middle of your stated range in that second respect)

I think you would do better with 10 mg per day 7 days per week and then, over the 16 weeks, having 2 off weeks in the middle, so there was only ever 7 weeks straight, which is reasonable enough.

Your total usage would be about identical – this is on purpose for sake of more meaningful comparison – but results should be better as should liver safety.

Note, that is pretty low dosage, but if it works for you from experience, then what works, works.