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Oral Turinabol vs. Winstrol

Hi all,

In reference to stacking with primobolan enanthate, which would be better to stack for clean muscle mass gains with as few outward indications of steroid use as possible? I’m looking for a stack that will give me a good 20 lbs in an 8-12 weeker.

I’ve also considered Anadrol/Winny/Primo but am worried about the bloating/rapid weight gain associated with Anadrol giving me away.


Primo isn’t that great of a mass agent and is pretty expensive. i don’t know your history, but a good dose of test coud get you close to your goal, without having to throw a bunch of other stuff in…

i would never stack those three together. maybe Winny and Primo for a “cutting” cycle, but not if you have any joint issues…i really don’t think you’ll get the results you want from those compounds.

i forgot to mention this before…if you want 20 bs of LBM in 8 weeks, it’s gonna look like you’re using AAS…that’s just the way it is.

Primo is not going to get you 20lbs lean mass in 8 weeks. Not unless your doing like a a gram a week and them only maybe. Anadrol will put some serious weight on you but alot of it will be water. Just watch out for the sides, anadrol can be very harsh. I wouldn’t recomend more than 4-6 weeks on Anadrol. Winny is ok, but not a mass agent and not very easy on your joints. I think it would combine well with the anadrol though.

I would skip the primo unless your using 600-800mg per week, it would be better saved for a cutting cycle. T-bol ain’t bad but again, it sucks for serious mass and is good for cutting. Your best bet would be a good 'ol test enanthate cycle at like 500-750mg/week depending on your experience. If your concerned about fat/water gain, keep your diet clean and throw in some Masteron or Proviron. Good luck!

i took winny for a few weeks and stopped because of the joint pain. does OT give similar results without the joint pain?

I did a Primo (600mg/w) and OT (40mg/d) cycle and I got pretty bloated from the OT (once I dropped it things were better). My strength and weight gain were awsome (13lbs in 3 weeks) but my BP went up a lot and I was retaining a lot of water. Also the OT will shut you down so i would only stack it with test (I would use it instead of DBol at the begining of a cycle before the test kicks in).

I will echo everyone elses comments that you should just do a cycle of test with about 500mg/w with adex at 0.5mg/d and your results will be good.

8 weeks of test and bridge with fina for 6 weeks.

Thanks for the input fellas. I’ll look more into a test enanthate cycle.

[quote]jlesk68 wrote:
8 weeks of test and bridge with fina for 6 weeks.[/quote]

wtf? you are bridging with tren?

to revise my previous advice i would go with some OT for the first 4 weeks at 30-40mg/d if you want something to kick off your cycle before the test kicks in. it will put on size and strength fast and will do it with minimal sides.

Just make sure you monitor your BP if it is already in the high normal range and have something to control it if it does get up there.

[quote]FuriousGeorge wrote:
jlesk68 wrote:
8 weeks of test and bridge with fina for 6 weeks.

wtf? you are bridging with tren?


I’m not doing it personally. Fina is a great bridge.