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Oral Turinabol, PCT Help?


Hello, I'm peet. Iv been training on and off for around ten years but always kinda lacked the drive to really stick with it and get to where I want to be. There's been times where days off turned to months off before I went back, even tho iv always went back. Recently tho, I did a 7 month jail sentence and really got back into lifting. Iv been out for a few months and am still training 4 times a week. Shoulders and triceps monday. Back, tuesday. Rest wedenday, chest and biceps thursday, and legs on friday. I am a pretty heavyset guy, around 16 stones at 5'11, I am 29 years old.

I have read the other threads regarding this topic but just wanted to see if I could get some definitive answers.

Basically, I've never really fucked around with, or had the urge to fuck around with steroids and don't know much on the subject. There is a few beasts in the gym tho and they were sayin I had potential and could be a lot better if I started on the gear. I was offered either, d-bol which I was told would make me massive but would retain a lot of water on my muscles, or t-bol (oral turinabol) which would both make me stronger and tighten me up.

I was a bit nervous regarding the subject and asked them what else I would need to make sure my testosterone levels didn't drop. I was told I wouldn't need nuthin and I could run either of these by themseleves. They said that's what they do and they know what they are talkin about, etc etc.

Thinking these guys were experts on the subject I decided to order some t-bol. And was very excited, until today, when I started reading threads around the internet.

Basically, I just want to be sure that I'm safe, so I'm asking, if anyone could please help me and tell me which pcp to take (iv already seen nova suggested) and when I take it, as in, do I start taking it towards the end of my cycle or do I stop the cycle then start. I am going to run the cycle at 50 to 60 mg a day for 7 weeks.

Any help would be appreciated.



First off run a proper pct not pcp lol. Nolva is probably your best bet. It's cheap and effective at smaller doses than clomid.. Take 40 mg a day for 2 weeks and then 20 mg a day for another 2 weeks. I start my pct the day after my last oral is taken.


Thanks brother. These guys seemed to be doin alright without any kinda test booster and swore to me that I wouldn't need nuhn else or have any problems.

I dunno I just had to google it myself n check it out before I put one in my mouth tho. And yeah maybe I shouldn't have been so naive but like I said they seem to be in good shape and seemed to know what they were sayin. After reading a little I'm thinkin they prolly just stay on it all year tho and are heading for some serious liver damage now tho . Pcp? If I made a typo that's all it was bro.

Thanks tho man. Appreciated. As will any other advice.


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If I take the nolva for too long will that fuck me up in a different way? Lol. Lifting weights is one thing but this bodybuilding shit should have its own college courses. #confused. Lol.


BBB, would you say an Oral-T cycle only could be effective? I know you are much experienced on this issue.


Yes its effective, you should be looking at about 4-5kg in 7 weeks that you will keep

Good luck with that bud.


I am around two 40 at 5'11. Carrying some fat, but not obese or nuthin, I have a pretty solid build and a wide frame. What mg do u think I should run. Should I just bump it up to 60 a day? I read a thread on another board where a 150 pound guy got laughed off the page for suggesting a 20mg cycle.

its not the cycle I'm worried about tho, its the pct aspect. Dunno if I can overdo it with that or not.


Average dosing for males is usually 40-60mgs, but you might want to start off lower and taper up if your body is responding well to the dosage.


Yeah but is there such a thing as too much nolva? Will that harm me in anyway if I take it for too long?


20mg of nolva alone with increase test about 150%. The average PCT is 40/40/20/20 because more than 40mg of Nolva will not exactly yield far better results.

My PCT was 40/20/20/10 after Test E only cycle. During PCT my libido was below zero (= common nolva side) and I was a tad more emotional. Now 3 weeks after PCT my libido is back O.K.


So basically, while I'm on nolva I can't fuck for a while? Damn it will be good to get more ripped but this will be a bitch. Do you know if there will be any effect on my labido while I'm actually still on my cycle? Positive or negative?


What's the difference between nolva and clem?


Hello guys i'm new on here just joined T Nation because it seems to have so much more useful and well informed information on the do's and dont's when it comes to taking oral supplements that boost your testosterone level and increase muscle mass, suffice it to say for obvious reasons because of my age my testosterone level has kind of flatlined for want of a better way of putting it...LOL, anyway i have heard a lot of chatter lately about something called T Bol being a great muscle and strength enhancer so i took the liberty of sending off for 200 tabs for a trial test run along with 100 anavar tabs 50mg in strength which i took 75mg in the morning and 75mg in the evening which boosted my lifts, anyway my point is, is T Bol worth the trip using these to build muscle mass whilst keeping the fluid retention to a minimum and increasing the vascularity and definition, I know that anavar does this anyway but i thought why not stack them both and see what happens where my lifts are concerned, anyway guys your feedback would be greatly appreciated on the issue of this T Bol that i am quite keen to try out, yours respectfully Martin


Bro is nolva enough or do I have to take anything else like liver support?
Please give me a layout for a complete PCT for OT only cycle.
Im confused reading all the threads on the web.