Oral Turinabol / Hair Loss

Hy Guys!
I m a sportsman from Germany searching for some more information about OT. Even so it was originally made here I m not sure if I know enough about it. Especially I m interested in real experience.

Between german and american forums there are some differences about the same stuff. Your cycles often are much shorter, in Germany it s said to do long cycles. And here it s all about testosterone, it s said that this is the only real thing to do. But I hate the androgenic side effects.

Now to my question. What do you mean, can a dosage of 40 mg Turinabol cause hair loss in a person with genetic hair loss? Have you ever heard of it?

I m 29, training since 1994. 1,85m 95 Kilo 12% body fat and my steroid experience is a 16 Week deca only cycle with 200mg e5d. I had no more hair loss, just the normal. Now I am a Norwood 3 and wont risk hair for more muscle.

Here I heard with Turinabol I can gain some kilos of real muscles wihout hair loss etc, just have to look for the liver. Its to cool to be real??!!
I used the searched function, I find something but my english is not the best I didn t understand everything.
I say thank you for every little help!!

yo man, i’m currently just finishign my 3’rd week of t-bol right now and am debating whether or not to continue. I started week 1 at 20mg. then bumped it up to 30 for week 2 and 3. everything has been going great so far until yesterday and today.

The past 2 days i’ve been getting what feels like a symptom of high blood pressure-out of no where my ears fill with pressure like i’m taking off in an airplane, followed by an increased heart rate and a sense of panic due to this feeling. I’ve never had these symptoms before and do not like them at all!!

I’m thinking of doing pct and going back to lifting clean for a while. During these 3 weeks though, my lifts have all gone up over 20lbs and my body weight has gone up a total of 7 as well. I just don’t like this feeling and am sure it is caused by the tbol, as i’ve never felt this way before.

I had a great time on this product for a while, and i’m sad to stop, but honestly, this scares the shit out of me! Anybody else have a similar reaction at all like i did? I’d be curious to know!

[quote]schlierkamp2 wrote:
Can a dosage of 40 mg Turinabol cause hair loss in a person with genetic hair loss?[/quote]

At the time I started my first cycle, I was in my mid-40s and already a Norwood 6, so I decided that hair loss was one side effect I wasn’t going to waste any sleep over. Ten years earlier, though, I was taking Propecia (finasteride) in an attempt to hold onto what I still had, so I can well understand your perspective.

I’ve done several back-to-back Turinabol-only short cycles (14 days on, 14 days off) with satisfactory results. Dosages varied from 40 mg to 80 mg per day. I didn’t notice any new hair loss while on Turinabol, nor any increase in the oiliness of my skin.

As for other side effects, I didn’t get the dreaded “back pumps” that so many people seem to experience, even at 80 mg/day. Just a nice steady increase in strength and muscle, all of which I retained (note: this was without the use of any PCT whatsoever). The only negative side effect was an increase in blood pressure, and this only became worrisome towards the end of an 80 mg cycle.

I would certainly recommend you give it a try, based upon my own experience, and I agree with the previous posters that the higher doses are not necessary.

One thought: assuming that Turinabol’s activity is primarily non-AR-mediated (this is speculated but not yet proven, as far as I am aware), it should stack particularly well with nandrolone, and the combination should be fairly low risk with respect to your hairline, since low-dose nandrolone such as your previous Deca cycle is even gentler on the scalp than the body’s normal testosterone production.

Let us know how it goes!

yeah man, i had a case of those dreaded back pumps for like 2 days, but upped my banana intake, as i read that higher potassium levels can help with that.

As i said before everything was going great, i was taking 10mg 3x a day broken up between 7-8 hours and was feeling great til the past few days.

I’m gonna just go back to 10 2x a day over longer periods of time and see how that goes. i want to stay on for 4 weeks and only have 6 days left now, so i’m just gonna finish at 20mg, then start my pct of 20 mg of nolvadex for 10 days while starting Alpha Male and a zma the same time.

I wasn’t looking for huge weight gains with this cycle, but rather strength gains as i was trying to get back to the level i was at before i tore the tendons and muscles in my right shoulder from a fight which resulted in therapy for 5 weeks.

so far i’ve done that as well as gained 7 lbs. what’d you do for pct? think 10 days at 20mg of nolva is good or longer/higher dosages? I was going for 20 only because i did t-bol for 4 weeks at 20-30mg. feedback would be awesome man, i appreciate it!