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Oral Turanabol Only Cycle


Hey I'm just wondering if anybody here has actually tried an OT only cycle and what their results were like. I'm thinking something like 40-50mg/day for 4 weeks, followed by some Clomid. (I'm 24, 6' 185lb, approx 10%bf) I know its a light cycle, but it'll be my first. I'm also worried about liver tox, hence the reason for keeping it short. I'm not looking for huge gains and would like to start reasonably slow with regards to AAS. I've done some searching on the net, and the results I've found are few and far between at best from people who have actually tried it first hand. I'll probably get flamed for this post, but some help would definately be appreciated.


I'm very interested to hear about this as well, I have a friend who asked me to gather some info for him on a T-Bol only cycle.

A few things I can tell you though is that you won't be needing clomid (most likely) for an anti-e. Turanabol is barely androgenic and doesn't aromatize. However, if you did want to run an anti-e I would choose nolva over clomid as it is a bit more ideal (psychologically speaking). I have also heard of people gaining a solid 8-12 lbs. off of a 6-8 week cycle. 4 weeks for you seems a bit light, you may want to go with a longer one as the gains on this steroid are very lean/dry and modest.

This a link that can give you some more info on OT. Hope this helps!
Just scroll down to the OT section.


Kael, thanks for teh reply bro. In regards to the clomid/nolva thing, I had planned to order both. If I dont end up using them that's great, but I figure I'd rather have them on hand 'till I figure out how I'll react. The plan was to not use an anti-e while on, but use the clomid as PCT.


I am also curious as to Bater's post.


Buy Nolvadex and take it. It's really that simple. No need to keep it "standing by" until you feel burning, just take the shit.

Seriously, why are we overcomplicating this?


I think we're curious as to his original post. Not whether he should use clomid or nolva, but rather the Oral Turanabol only cycle question.


OT doesn't aromatize


I have also been researching T-Bol and am not fiding too much info on cycles. I'm interested in any feed back on what to take during the cycle for liver protection and a recommended PCT.

Sorry to be all questions and no answers.


Your point?

Again, just take it.


Just to clarify my position here...although we know a great deal about these drugs and how they work, we simply do not fully understand everything about them.

I remember how some of the first people to adopt Tren got burned by gyno, because they felt safe not taking anti-e due to the fact that it did not aromatize, only to later discover other pathways for gyno to occur. Same thing with M1T (which, ironically, you also seem to have had gyno problems with). I personally have had gyno flare-ups with non-aromatizing steroids.

So personally, I will never, ever, use any steroid without taking Nolvadex or an equivalent the entire time I am on. Most people I know, including myself, had issues with gyno because they kept Nolvadex or A-dex "on-hand" just in case. I guess you have to ask yourself, is saving the fraction of a second it takes to swallow a pill worth the risk of growing breast tissue that will never go away without surgery? The price is so low, to me, to be a non-issue. There is absolutely no reason not to take it, for me.

Now if for whatever reason Nolvadex is not accessible to you, or you have serious reactions to it, a non-aromatizing steroid like T-Bol is your best bet. But if you have Nolvadex or can get it...just take it. Simple, effective, no risk.


Sorry if this is a bit off topic, tried to find the appropriate place to ask....

Has anyone heard of or ordered from this company - www.domesticgear.com ???

I have read through a lot of their site and comment board but do not know whether they are legit etc.

Anyone know?



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Still, any insight on this original post from Bater anyone?


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uhmm..OT is kinda androgenic. i would not run an oral only cycle without an anti-e anyway, becasue you might mistake some of the water retention as gains, plus it makes PCt eaier. i've heard people refer to OT as a combo of Anavar and D-bol. many of those i know who have used it stacked it with Proviron.


So how would this look for a cycle on OT?

5 weeks OT @ 50mg ED
Nolva 10mg EOD
LIV 52

Wk 1 - 40mg Nolva/100mg Clomid ED
Wk 2 - 30mg Nolva/50mg Clomid ED
Wk 3 - 20mg Nolva/50mg Clomid ED

Should that get a modest gain in lean muscle with all the sides covered?

Thanks guys.


First of all M is going to be useless during your cycle, an over the counter anti-e isn't going to do anything to counteract the effects of a real steroid. Secondly, this is such a mild steroid that PCT should probably only last 2 weeks and by running nolva/clomid at the same time you are wasting your money...big time. Choose one of the other and go with it.

You obviously didn't read the link above that I posted...Turanabol users haven't reported any side effects at all, not saying that you shouldn't run PCT but that this is a barely androgenic steroid and supposedly doesn't aromatize.

Now back to the original question that no body seems to care about...Has anyone actually used OT, and if so, what were the gains and how would you compare it to other cycles?


Thanks for your input Kael231, I did read all the messages several times and am just taking into account, and looking for, a broad spectrum of information before drawing any final conclusion.

Point taken on M.

Yes it would be great if anyone with first hand knowledge is out there to help on this one.

Thanks again.


I will let you guys know, since I have enough OT for a 6 week cycle at 50 MG a day. I was going to use it in a "classic" cycle, but I am thinking now I would like to see how it does as stand alone. Maybe use it the first 2 or 3 weeks before the test/tren....

I agree with use of NOLVA why risk it. The minimal effect it may have on growth still is negligible compared to potential risk for GYNO. Plus how do you know if it's really OT or methyl test, better to be safe than paying for gyno surgey?



you might want to look at using Proviron instead of Nolva during your cycle (not for PCT, though). Proviron is a little androgenic, helping with your gains and keeping SHBG from tying up your free test....just a thought.

i'm sure Nolva will work as well, though....look forward to hearing abut your results.