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Oral Turanabol & Heart Rate


This is my first cycle / Started cycle a week 30mg split 3 times 6-8 hours apart. Yesterday resting heart rate was and is at 90/96? little bit of chest pain but i think thats cause I am freakin myself out LOL. Feedback would be grea on the heartrate effect. Thanks Everyone!

35 Years old
14% Body Fat
192 pounds
Work out reguarly trying to lean up and put on a few pounds.


You don't say what your baseline (off-cycle) resting heart rate is, so other than assuming that it's now higher it's difficult to gauge things. Have you checked your blood pressure yet? Is the pain ongoing, or was it a one-time thing?


Are you on any fat burners/stims/caffinie/ephedra/clen/etc. Or other meds of any kind ?

tbol at 30mg can cause these symptoms but it isnt common at that dosage.

But many users report high blood pressure and heart rate spikes.

This can feel like a panic attack and send the heart rate racing.


90mg of tbol a day is kinda high you know. From what i have read (i have little interest in using this drug) there should be little between 60mg and 90mg.. but i may be wrong.

RHR is really irrelevant as someone mentioned. Many have that kinda HR anyway and are perfectly healthy. Now if it is different to what it was like before then that may be of use.

BP would be more interesting but again it needs to be compared to pre-cycle levels - which i am assuming you didn't get or you would have posted them.

I know you are here for another reason - but do you realise that 'trying to lean up and gain a few pounds' sounds rather silly (not even mentioning the single, moderately effective oral used to achieve this state..).

Basically - if you have no comparative results prior to starting the cycle - you could stop for a week and see what changes. Then you may choose to stay off for 2 weeks, have the tests done, then start again and see how it goes - but having a baseline to compare to this time around.



The OP said he was taking 30 mg split 3 times a day.
My impression is that he is taking 10 mg every 6 to 8 hours, for a TOTAL of 30 mg


I have some experience with this compound, good and bad.

90mg/day is overkill dude. Sounds like you're trying to "stretch" it's intelligent use into something unintelligent for extra gains, which you likely will not be able to continue with.

I've run it at 100mg/day, for a very limited time. THis drug gives a nice strength boost, nothing wild, and can improve vascularity, not much of a size enhancing drug.

YOu ramp up to the dosage you're running, and you will increase your bp considerably mate.
You will also become a low back pump victim and that isn't pretty either.

If it's real, you will realize this all on your little lonesome soon enough.

If you want to take good advice, drop down to 60mg and ride the tbol train out on that and no more.

If you're looking for more than a mild improvement in strength and the other usual gains we're after, then you should plan out a much better cycle. If you have to stick with orals, do some more research and find the right compound. Tbol doesn't lean you out to any significant degree, so remember that. Primo and anavar would be the only orals that CAN help with fat loss to any tangible degree, with winstrol being a close third in that category.

Let us know how you feel when the headaches and back pumps start crippling your workouts, then you can let us know how that's working out for ya?!

Don't take a mild drug and over use it out of ignorance.

Cheers homeslice.


My bad i think - apparently tonebone it is 30mg SPLIT over 3x/day.

I mis-read.

Sorry OP. (still a very poor cycle though :wink: )


Sorry guys I must have been unclear its 30mg Total / 10mg 3 times a day. I know I know not the best cycle but it was available and priced right and its my first time and I reaserched it and it had positive reviews, would have went with Anavar but price is rocket high. My pre cycle heart rate was in the 70's Blood pressure has stayed the same around 156 over 80. Oh and why does wanting to lean up and gain muscle/pounds sound silly? I dont want to be a beast just ad some nice size that I havent been able to obtain over the years. I stopped the Tbol for a bit to see what changes. Oh not on any stimualnts dont like em. I appreciate all the feedback as I am not a newb to workingout I am to Anabolics. Thanks



Certainly not much going on with this cycle unfortunately for the OP.


Ok, well, first off, "wanting to lean up and gain muscle/pounds" is not available this year...lol.

No but seriously, if anything leaning out, and "maintaining" your current weight will be fantastic itself in it's own right and still not easy, or taken lightly. Leaning and gaining lbs isn't really reality for most, and especially with not using stimulants or more advanced compounds such as you are indicating.

How many people say "I don't want to be a beast", lol, as if it just happens with the right compounds...It's not that easy.

Bottom line, you are not going to gain any significant muscle or strength on 30mg of tbol a day. You will get a slight boost in strength, and an even slighter, if at all, increase in lbm.

And that is during the cycle, not after...Just a poor choice, and what you should do is read the stickies on the forum, and perhaps get some better ideas of what you want to accomplish and use. Then come back and people will disssect it properly and advise any tweaking that might need to be done. And THEN, you may accomplish aquiring that muscle that has eluded you over the years my friend.



Thanks Yeah I have been reading the stickeys here and other forums. it does get confusing however cause everyone has an opinion on what a first cycle should entail. I agree and see what your saying you seem to to very knowledgeble and if you wouldnt mind may I ask you what would you suggest for adding on another 10-15 pounds? My diet is clean and Workouts are rigorous. Thanks for the Info!