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Oral Tren, Opinions?


First off, I'm a noob when it comes to gear. I haven't worked out in about a year and decided to hit it hard. A long time friend of mine who has been around roids for a long time gave me 50 triangular pills that he called trenbolone. He said they were the same as winstrol, you might gain a few lbs. but mostly just harden you up,just take 2 a day.

Being the retard I am, I took his word and have been on them for a week and I am already up 4 lbs and have been feeling very strong. I researched a little because these don't seem "mild" like winstrol, and it turns out what I've read is these are very liver toxic! Should I stay on them? Should 2 a day for 4 weeks hurt anything?


methyltrienolone is considered to be one of the most (if not THE most) toxic oral that exists today.

you better not drink/use tylenol/antibiotics on this cycle..it was very foolish of you to use the drug anyway as it is not a newbie's drug.

Anyways, since you are already fucked, let's try some damage control.

Im assuming that the pills are 250mcg each, with a day's dose being 500mcg. If that is the case, I would suggest that you limit your cycle to no more than three weeks..

get caber, and you should have been using test alongside the entire time, but you probably have not.

ask your asshole friend for some test prop and adex and start using that as soon as possible.


Make sure you get a good PCT too, get some nolvadex and make sure its real nolva..

After the cycle ends take 40mg for 2 weeks, then 20mg for 2 weeks after that.


If you haven't lifted in a year, you don't need steroids. Stop taking them.


Today is my last day. I'm just going to stick to my protein and creatine.

But it was nice as I am very skinny and haven't gained any weight in 5 years and all of the sudden I gain 4 lbs in a week.


it's people like you who give us responsible users a bad name.


So you took shit from some dude without knowing what it was, then you used it for how long? You said he have you 50, and you took 2 a day and today is the last day..but you also said it has been a week...

Then thought well today is my last day I should ask for help... I don't remember how long it takes for methyltrienolone to shut you down, but my guess is less than a week.


While it was fairly irresponsible to take them n the first place, you made the right choice to stop.

If you're having trouble gaining weight, post your diet and training and we can tweak it so you can be on your way to your goals.

Chances are you just need to be eating more.


BigSkwatta: What do you mean by "shut you down"?

rrjc5488: I have changed my diet dramatically by not eating fast food and I quit drinking so that probably has a big part in the weight gain too. Thanks for your help.


If you don't know what he means you are nowhere near ready to use powerful drugs like this.


I'm not using it anymore. But now I am interested in what I have already done if anything.


Hey yo,

I was cycling methyltren earlier in the year. Very potnt drug - made sure to take liver supps and milk thistle etc - was using it alongside test prop and masteron.

That as 1mg of the stuff a day for two weeks - a heavy dose some would say, but a short duration.

My piss etc, stank and was almost green, lulz, but overall cycle recovery and health etc.. was great.

I injured my back pretty seriously seomtime in feb so had to pretty much stop all training -except some rehab work and some light bodyweight strength.

In the meantime i've gone on a charlie sheen bender - i.e i'm banging club sluts several times a week and doing lots of narcotics - mainly GHB/GBL, some mephedrone shit i gott off the inteernet (which is NOT mephedrone, hence i've thrown it away) and obviously weed, some coke and i manufactured some freebase/crack the other night -first time i've done this drug actually (fiendish!!)

I had about 24 tabs of the little yellow triangly methyltren left over - and ithought it would be good to take those pills for the last couple of weeks while i'm on my bender to preserve my strength and muscle etc... so when i'm back to sobreity and training i wont have lost too much ground.

Well the stuff is magical - i seem to be GAINING muscle, and shredding up, despite the fact i only do a couple of bodyweight strength sessions a week (pistols, pull-ups, dips, hand-stand push-ups etc) and i'm eating like a coke-addict runway model, and i'm hardly getting any sleep, and i'm constently banging sluts (did i mention i'm banging sluts?)

I'm not drinking alcohol though, because i belive GHB is my preferre (and much safer) party drug at the moment - although i' have had curious blackouts on this in the past week.

But my piss is still clear water (drink lots of water!) and my balls are definitely NOT shut down after almost two weeks on 500mcg a day - banging sluts nightly you.

Howver, i am taking cabergoline and selegiline and carbidopa/levodopa - but i have NOT HCG and am plannign NO PCT like a wreckless idiot - who probably deserves everything he gets.

Welp, like i said, cycle finishes on Sunday and my balls and my physique are perfectly fine - if not better than ever - despite wanton rock-star excesses.

Looking forward to knock all this hedonism on the head though, may have overshot the mark a litte lol

So in conclusion, 1week-2weeks of 500mcg methyltren isn't as scary as people are mking it out to be and is actually quite beneficial.



oh yeah, i'm just doing 500mcg of methyltren and NO test or any other ancilliaries at all (except caber i guesS).




I know!


why are you here?


I'm not going to deny it, methyltrienolone definitely looks tempting to use. But I think it would be more prudent to take a slower approach...This is a marathon, not a sprint, after all. I'd honestly rather do 2gs of tren ace a week.

Whoever is thinking about taking it would do well to stock up on milk thistle and liv52, in addition to the required ancillary drugs (that part shouldn't even need to be mentioned).