Oral Tren Help

hello everybody…my name is panos…
I want to do a cycle with oral tren to shred a litlle and i need info…i’m 20 y.o 82 kg
plz help me guys


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Oral tren isn’t a good option for everyday use in my opinion, or for an actual cycle. Its too toxic to justify it in my opinion. It can’t be used for very long, lots of sides, and in my opinion isn’t that useful except for an extra aggression boost before meets.

Lots of better ways to achieve your goal.

How tall are you? 82kg is pretty small to be cutting unless you are like 5’4"- 5’5"…

Not again…

yes,but i have only belly fat…

[quote]panosamp wrote:
yes,but i have only belly fat…[/quote]

Then cut it off with a machete. That’s what a real badass would do…

dude, you’ve started a bunch of threads about this belly fat of yours so it’s obviously a concern.

If you just have fat on your belly, then chances are you are rocking a look affectionately known as “skinny fat”. Am I right in saying you don’t carry a whole lot of muscle? Yeah, I thought so.

Instead of focusing on making the belly smaller, lift weights and make the rest of you bigger. The extra muscle’ll raise your metabolism which in itself can help reduce your belly fat. You also need to sort out your diet. Do NOT be one of those guys that says “but my diet is good” because it isn’t and it really gets on my tits when people bury their head in the sand about these things.

Eat better. Get 1g of protein per lb of your bodyweight (at 82k that’s 180g) every day, no excuses! Cut out sugary crap and any refined foods at all. Eat lots of good nutritious foods and lift weights at least 3x a week. Do a little bit of cardio if you want but not too much as too much’ll actually raise your stress hormones and add more belly fat.

You do NOT need steroids and you definitely do not need clenbuterol (I noticed you ask about it in another thread. That stuff can be really nasty and you’re not ready for it). Just give it an honest go and in 12 weeks or so you’ll really be surprised at the progress you’ll make (providing you do actually take this advice).

Good luck!