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Oral Tablet Cycle

I am looking at going on a cycle for the first time and just wanted to get some input on it.

I know the majority here do not like orals but for now that is my only option.

I am thinking of a 6 week cycle consisting of:

30mg/day - Oral Turanabol
20mg/day - Anavar

Any thoughts on this cycle would be appreciated. Has anyone used this combo before?

ps…I am only looking to put on a little size and strength and keep as much as possible after the cycle

20mg’s of var is going to produce little in the way of tangible results. You need to really be in the 50-75mg range to notice that you’re using var.

Tbol wise 30mg’s is also a little on the low side. 40-60 seems to be the prime time zone.


Thanks for the input guys. That’s what I will go with.