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Oral Surgery: Wisdom Teeth

I’m booked to get my wisdom teeth removed in about a month, but I’m suspicious about the need for surgery. They said that there is a chance they will become infected in the future, but when I asked about what percent chance was there he just said “high”, and when I asked when an infection was likely to take place he said “Could be 2 weeks, could be 5 years”.

This surgery is costing $1280, so I don’t really want to get it done unless absolutely necessary. Anybody have any info about oral surgery or the likelihood of infection? I personally trust this guy about as far as I can throw him…

Mine got infected about four years ago. I was cosulted about the surgery, but didn’t have the money, so I passed. I’d forgotten how bad it hurt until January of this year, when they got infected again. It SUCKS ASS!!! If you haven’t gone through it, you don’t want to.

Everybody talks about how much it hurts to get them removed, the pain from that was a relief compared to a full blown wisdom tooth infection. I had to wait about three days to get into surgery, and to let the antibiotics work, even with good painkillers it hurt so much I considered pulling the bastards out myself with pliers.

My advice, if you can get it done go for it. Mine cost about the same as yours, so you’re not being ripped off.

Nice, thanks buddy.

get a second opinion?
I had mine done. The guy told me they were bad…and I needed surgery. I asked if they could do it in the office…he held up the x-ray and pointed to where the two on the bottom were flipped and growing back into the jaw and told me
I didn’t want to risk waking up during that…
And mine were rotting inside my gums…it’s amzing how much better I felt after they were out.

I had a root canal not all that long ago. Looking at the x-rays, it turns out that one of my wisdom teeth settled back into my jaw – it is part of the bone now, but visible in an x-ray.

Struck me as strange, but I never had any infections or anything.

What the hell?!

How often does this happen with wisdom teeth? Hell, mine are all grown in so I figure why not keep them?

Why would they get infected?

[quote]NateN wrote:
What the hell?!

How often does this happen with wisdom teeth? Hell, mine are all grown in so I figure why not keep them?

Why would they get infected?[/quote]

I don’t know how often it happens. My fathers are grown in fine, my mothers did the same thing mine did.

I don’t know about infections, mine were just rotting inside, which means an abcess.

[quote]NateN wrote:
What the hell?!

How often does this happen with wisdom teeth? Hell, mine are all grown in so I figure why not keep them?

Why would they get infected?[/quote]

Basically they take you into a little room and show you extreme pictures of impacted teeth, like this one, and say that it can cause many problems such as gum disease, crowding of the teeth (where your wisdom teeth apparently cause your other teeth to shift and the supporting bone is destroyed), as well as infection, which is my (future) problem.

They say that if the wisdom teeth do come in they can be hard to clean, and hence are more prone to infection/decay.

I’m debating on whether I should just forego the surgery and become an overzealous listerine user. They’re not growing in psychotically crooked like in the picture, after all.

[quote]NateN wrote:
What the hell?!

How often does this happen with wisdom teeth? Hell, mine are all grown in so I figure why not keep them?

Why would they get infected?[/quote]

I just had my wisdom teeth out 11 days ago. My two top teeth were completely in but the bottom ones were only partially through my gums. In my case, the chance for infection was high because there was a chance that food could get trapped between my bottom teeth and gum tissue. That’s the story I got anyway. If they don’t bother you and you’re not having any problems then I wouldn’t worry about it.

Honestly though, the surgery was cake. I had local anistethic with laughing gas. It was the first time that I had ever had laughing gas and I giggled like a schoolgirl the entire time. I never felt a thing.

I think you should get them out now before any infection occurs.

I found out I needed to get mine out a couple of weeks before going to school one semester which meant there wasn’t time to schedule the surgery, have it done and recover before school started. So the plan was to wait until winter break. The dentist said that most likely I wouldn’t have any problems by then but, no such luck.

One side of my face swelled up like I was sucking on a tennis ball early in December of that year. The pain was very bad and I had them taken out a few days later.

One of my worst memories is this: My mouth was so swollen and infected that I couldn’t open my mouth more then about a half an inch. In order to do the surgery they needed my mouth open. So the nurse asks me to open my mouth as wide as I could, at which point she pulled down on my bottom teeth and literally jamed a rubber stopper all the way between my back teeth.

It took about 3 weeks for the swelling to fully subside on the abscessed side. The side that wasn’t infected barely hurt at all after the surgery. That tells me that had I been able to get the surgey done before the infection, it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

Oh ya, and when I was in the office today, they were all kind of crowding around me, greedily eyeing my teeth, kind of inching closer and closer with this crazy gleam in their eyes…but then I made the sign of the cross and they started hissing and backing away - one guy fell over a roller stool - after which I busted out the holy water and sprinkled a trail of it behind me so they couldn’t follow me out to my car.

I guess I’m leaning towards going back there now… (shudder)

I had all mine cut out before my senior year of HS, back in 1990. Went fine, dentist said it needed to be done and so we had it done. Five years later, my senior year of college, I notice a small bump on the upper gum behind my nmolars. I had a second set of wisdom teeth, just one or two cusps, small ones come in. Dentist I go to now has been hassling me about getting those cut out, says its risky. I’ve had them 10 years now, brush carefully, no problems whatsoever.

Always get second opinion, and always expect weird things to occur in recovery…my two cents.

I had mine taken out at 27. I never even realized they were there, but the dentist I went to told me to get them out. My dental insurance covered it, so I only paid 10 bucks for the copay.

Funny thing is that this dentist I used would drive around in a new jaguar every few years. I found this kinda suspicious in that the first visit I went to him he did an e-ray and immediately told me that I need to have my wisdom teeth out and have two root canals. a friend of mine went to this guy too, but got a second opinion from a family friend who said that there would be no need for the root canal that this other dentist reccomended. the other dentist called my dentist “root canal happy”. I sometimes wonder how ethical my guy really was, or was he just in it for the money. I always had a shady feeling about him anyway.

whatever you do, if you do get the surgery:
I had the gas too, and after I got my shit together an hour later, I thought that it was no big deal, no need for pain killers, I even had a protein shake. bad idea, once the drugs wore off, I was in the most serious pain of my life since I passed my kidney stone. I sat in the pharmacy and waited for the lady to fill out the script while I held an ice cold water bottle to my jaw. they gave me some pretty heavy stuff-vicodin-I think.

I popped a couple of those sob’s the second I got in my car, drove home and passed out in my bed for like 4 hours. when I woke up, the relief was incredible. It felt like when you burn yourself and then you stick you arm under a cold run of water.

I’d maybe wait if I forsaw dental insurance on the horizon. Thats a lot of money to pay for “just in case”. However, there’s nothing that’ll bring the world to a halt like tooth pain.

[quote]MikeShank wrote:
whatever you do, if you do get the surgery:

But don’t take them all at once!

I had mine out when I was 17. Post-op pain was practically nil (sorry Mike!), and as luck would have it, one of my best friends had his out a week after me, and his didn’t hurt either. But we still had two bottlefuls of pain meds. Needless to say, we had ourselves a little party that weekend. Here’s the math:

17 yrs old + retarded + bottle of pain meds + case of Natural Light = dizziness + laughing + vomiting up your shoes

Such fond memories. Thanks for starting this thread Orbital.

Well, mine aren’t crooked. The ones on top sort of fan outward. I’ll make sure to brush them good. Here’s to hoping I don’t have to pull a Cast Away.

Most dentists want to take out all wisdom teeth, whether or not there is any problem. My teeth aren’t crowded, and my neighbor, who is an orthodontist, advised me to keep them when my dentist insisted they should be removed. I’ve had them for 19 years, with only occasional mild infections due to food getting stuck behind the bottom ones - usually a bit of something hard, and those clear up quickly once the food is removed.

If you keep yours just be sure to take extra time brushing way back there.

Well, I think I can top danreeves. I had four fully formed wisdom teeth behind my regular ones. Had to have a huge operation to get them out. And to top things off, once they got in there, they found several more tooth buds behind the extras. I guess one of my ancestors was a shark or something.

As for the operation, better safe than sorry. Even if they don’t get infected, they can wreak havoc with your other teeth. My older brother never got his wisdom removed, and now they are making his other teeth crooked.

I had the surgery it went just fine.

Just make sure you do everything they say post-op. I had tea bags in my mouth to help the healing process and was out of commission for at least a day. Also make sure to reasearch your oral surgeon some. I am not quite sure how to actually go about this, but a good surgeon is key.

I had two friends who had the surgery and both ended up getting dry socket.

Unless they are seriously impacted they come out pretty easy. My guy used a tool that looked like a tire iron to me. Spent about 30 sec.s. The impacted one took about 30 mins. and hurt like hell.

It sucks for about 3 days, after that I have not thought about it in years.

Can’t say if they are necessary or not. My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon. He doesn’t do wisdom teeth in his office.