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Oral Steroids


Are there any good oral steroids or are they all injectable -excuse me im new and trying to learn -and im 41


AAS are available in both oral and injectable form. The orals tend to be harder on your liver due to the way the body has to process them. And welcome to T-Nation pa902.


Thanks -are they effective and is there something you can do to protect your liver -I don't drink so thats a plus


I would say if your not ready to inject you shouldn't take the plunge. Not that Orals are a bad idea but at 41 you probly just want to run test at an HRT dose or a bit higher and you will likly get good results, and the best way to run test is injeciton, i hear the creams suck. orals are fine but if your going to take the plunge you might as well go with the original and make it a test only to see how your body reacts. thats my thoughts take em for what they are worth. some others might disagree. BB


yes, but how many individuals started cycling by using pro hormones such as MAG-10, e.t.c? These orals were no different from oral steroids, in reality.

Oral steroids may have drawbacks in that they don't give as good of gains as injectables, but suppression is usually less, and recovery much easier.

For a first time user, Using just one oral isn't such a bad idea after all in my opinion.


P22 makes a good point I may have been too hasty, the only thoughts I was really having on the subject would be that at your age you might be a canidate for HRT, I know I will be looking into it when I hit about 35-40. there definately are benefits to using just one oral. there are some good morning d-bol only cycles that are supposedly not very suppresive at all, plus you'll know how that specific one will effect you in the future. ultimately your going to have to figure out what your looking for. one thing I can't stress enough is getting a full hormone panel before you do anything so as to be able to have a baseline (to rate rcovery after PCT) and see if your levels are in the "norm". If not You might want to look into seeing an Endocronologist and see if HRT would be a good idea. BB