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Oral Steroids and Your First Cycle


I was wondering are oral steroids as affective as shooting steroids? i know it causes damage to the liver,but is there anything else? If you do inject do you have to switch the spots that you do it like the buttocks and the shoulder or could i just continue to do it at different areas of the shoulder?

I have been searching the forums on info for your first cycle and i want to get as much information and help as possible before I think about starting a cycle.Is this a good begginer cycle to start at?

Week Dianabol Arimidex Clomid
1 30 mgs/ED 0.25 mgs ED
2 30 mgs/ED 0.25 mgs ED
3 40 mgs/ED 0.25 mgs ED
4 40 mgs/ED 0.25 mgs ED
5 50 mgs/ED 0.5 mgs ED
6 30 mgs/ED 0.25 mgs ED
7 0.25 mgs EOD 50 mgs/ED
8 50 mgs/ED
9 50 mgs/ED