Oral Steroid Turanabol

Hi guys.I’m new to the forum my names ronnie.I’d like to know if anyone has any prior experiances with an oral only turanabol cycle and how the results and side effects went.I never did a cycle and am thinking of starting one and turanabol seems like its mild enough to start with.any information would be appreciated.thanks a bunch.

I did a 4 week OT only cycle recently, and while the results were nothing special, it was quite pleasant, and did what I wanted it to do, which was to keep my strength up on the tail end of a long f**king diet without the need for a bunch of ancilliaries and long recovery time. I did 40mg/day.

For a first cycle, I would recommend you go with testosterone. Turanabol is not a good choice.

Thanks for your reply humbug!I’m not willing to jump into sticking myself just yet,that’s why I wish to go the oral route.I’ve read some positive responses about turanabol! Can u tell me what your tabs looked like and the cost? Thanks man