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Oral Only Strength Cycle..?

Ok i know im gonna get flamed, but hey what the heck.

Ok i looking to do my second cycle of orals (1st cycle was 5 weeks of var at 60mg ed)Strength was the objective. It worked well but i noticed that my libido dropped quite severely.

A friend of mine suggested i try using OT plus a lesser dose of var instead.

roughly 40mg of OT ED plus 30mg of Var ED for approx 5-6wks -not fully resolved on the duration as yet.

Does this sound right???

Before i forget my stats :
11 % bf
28years old.
Sub grappler /BJJ competitor

i’m far from being an expert, but you can add proviron (for synergic effects, it free more t in the blood) and up the OT to 50-60ED

One of the guys I train with tried something similar to that for a short 4 week cycle. He put some good strength on and managed to keep most of it. BUT, he said he felt like ass for the last 1 and 1/2 weeks. I guess the OT and Anavar was pretty hard on his stomach and it made him feel nausous all the time.