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Oral Only First Cycle: Dianabol and Anavar

Hi all, as you will see this is my first post and I’m here looking for help and advise.

Been reading for weeks and the more I read I feel the less I understand.

Bit about me I’m 39 and trained on and off for a couple of years until I was in a car crash last November and only been back training a couple of weeks now.

Never run a cycle before only every tried SARMS in capsules and also Liquids MK & RAD noticed some strength increase and size.

Now im back I want to give it a real push and while injured been reading up on different cycles and orals seem a lot better for me than needles.

I looked at doing an Anavar only cycle but the more I read said this should be run with Test which isn’t an oral so started looking at Dianabol.

I am now down to the following :-

Dianbol, Anavar, Proviron, Nolvadex, Clomid.

How does that look ?

Dianbol & Anavar for the Muscle Gain, Strength, Cutting.
Proviron as read works well with Anavar.
Nolvadex to help while on cycle and part of PCT
Clomid to work with Nolvadex as a full PCT

Was unsure on the amounts but came up with

Week Dianabol(10mg) Anavar(10mg) Proviron(25mg) Nolvadex(20mg) Clomid(50mg)
1 3
2 4
3 5 3 1
4 5 3 1
5 4 4 1
6 4 4 1
7 5 1 1 3
8 5 1 1 2
9 1 1
10 1 1
Total 175 168 42 28 49

How does that look ?

Thanks for baring with me and any advise and help would be appreciated even if just to tell me that’s complete rubbish and to start again.

Why not try being serious and consistent with your workouts and diet for a few months, and get to know yourself.


Hi EmilyQ thanks for the fast reply this is what i did a lot of last year before running the SARMS Stack to have a regular routine and diet.

Im happy with my workouts and my diet hasn’t been too bad while injured just being taking on more protein now back training daily and more clean carbs than just carbs.

All the Tabs have pushed together so makes the cycle hard to understand but what are your thoughts on my choices ?


If you’re afraid to inject, then you’re not ready for steroids. Yes, you CAN do an oral only cycle but its the least advisable method


This is all a bad idea. I think the pct is worse than the actual cycle, and that’s saying something.


So here is whats gonna happen. You are going to feel good for a couple weeks. Put on some water weight and generally think… ‘wow this was a great idea’. Then when your test diminishes you are going to get all emotional, you’re going to lose your gains after PCT, and you will be back on here asking ‘what happened?’, ‘why doesn’t my dick work?’, ‘where did my gains go?’ etc etc. You will likely end up worse than when you started.


Thanks for all the replies and that’s why I am here asking the questions as I first put the more I read the less I understood.

What do you all advise ? only really looking to do oral.

Would Anavar only be an option ? Nowhere near as harsh as Dianabol and will keep most of the gains and no need to worry as much with PCT ?

Im just looking for some help, Thanks again.

Test E or C, 10 to 12 weeks 500 mg/week. Wait 2-3 weeks run 40, 40, 20, 20 of Nolva.


My point was that I think you should get all of this genuinely dialed in rather than looking for shortcuts. I’ve been working out more or less consistently for my entire adult life, and I can tell you that the difference between “more” and “less” is profound. Why not give it that “real push” by really pushing, and then see where you are?

In the meantime, you can keep reading and interacting on these boards so that when it’s time to make a decision, you’re doing it from a place of certainty.


Thanks mnben87 but not looking to inject.

Thanks again and great advise EmilyQ and I do understand what your saying but I do wanna start something in order to run a couple of cycles this year.

I just looking for advise on what’s he best cycle is to start with.

Others have said it, but if you are afraid of the needle, you are not ready.

I get it it is pretty intimidating to inject yourself with a needle. After about 3 times it is not big deal anymore.

It is also advisable to get as much natty gains as you can. The amount of gains you can get natty is more than you think, too.

Health wise, 500 mg of test per week is better on the body than what you are suggesting. I’ll take the pain of injection, over the damage to the liver any day (not to mention the ED associated with oral only cycles).


Thanks again mnben87 there more I read the needle seems the safest way any maybe to run a proper cycle I may need to get my head round that.

If I was to take the bulk side out of the Dianabol and just run Anavar with Proviron and a good PTC for steady gains and cutting ?

For an oral only cycle, you may want Dbol still in the mix. The reason is that the other two orals do not aromatize. So after a few weeks you will no longer have testosterone in your body, and you will be estrogen deficient. Dbol can at least provide you with estrogen (which you need for erections, mood, joint health, etc.).

Out of the orals you are running Dbol would do the most for you as far as gains, and if you are just going to run one, you will likely feel the best on Dbol.

My advice to you is don’t do an oral only cycle. I see why it is appealing (no shots), but there is a reason why injectables are preferred by most.

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Well you can do it it wont kill you, I did oral only cycle but it doesn’t worth it… Why? Well you cant run oral only cycle long enough to build up real muscle mass, when you first start you will bloate up, you will become thick strong in a mather of days, you will have a feeling that your skin is too tight for you, but its just water… When you come of dianabol you will be crashed as f*** also anavar with it, it just dont have seance, it wont build muscle that you will hold after cykle becouse you cant runn iz long enough, If you are scared of pining like i doo, you can buy Emla (or any anesthetic cream on e bay all works tryed them all) it was much easier for me with it… Go on test E or cyp in a range of 250-500mg run first cikle with dianabol and do second with anavar and falow by pct protocol, also i would add nolva on the cikle…

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Thanks again mnben87 and l12 for your input.

I think I need to have a good chat with myself after reading everything and I do really appreciate.

I think the question is as you have said am I ready ?

Thanks again.

I don’t think you’re quite grasping all the reasons that it is a waste / bad idea.

Whether it be DBol, anavar, or both, orals are harsh in your liver. You cannot take them very long number one.
Two, either of those orals will shut down your testosterone production. So you are not producing any test, or adding any via injection. You will gain size, but it’s mostly water and the slight muscle gain will be lost once you drop the orals. Thus being a complete waste, and risk of your body not producing testosterone again, or at the same levels.

Plain and simple it’s a big risk, and you won’t be happy with the results, especially if you can’t even get an erection.

Run Test 500 a week for 10-12 weeks. The. Nolva 40mg weeks 14 and 15, and 20mg 16 and 17.

Super simple, you’ll keep a majority of your gains, won’t damage your body as much, and gain more size.

I would still advise you spend a year being consistent with the gym first.


Thanks aaronca it does sound the best and safest way to go I’ve just gotta get my head round the needles.

Had really good year with the gym last year right up to the car accident and I think that’s what doing it now I’m back in there and not feeling as strong and looking for that bit of help.

Back to the drawing board for me I think and ill be back with more questions.

Thanks again everyone you stopped me making a very bad choice by the sounds of it.

Try with some topical anesthesia cream and ask your wife or some frend who knows how to pin dont do it by yourself first few times, after some time you will get used to, i have the same problem, in some times i felt like a pin cousin…

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Id prob have to get the Mrs to do it, im reading up now on what to do with the 2 needles etc…

So would I be right in saying if I got Test 250 id do 1ml twice a week.


I remember my first pin. Hands were shaking, cold sweat running down by my back… I then manned up and stuck it in…

First thought after was “I can’t believe I was being such a bitch over that”

And yes. If it is 250mg per ml and you’re aiming for 500mg then yes you’re correct.