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Oral Only Cycle


I am interested in trying a short (6 week) cycle on steroids but will only use oral steroids, injecting is out of the question. I've done a little reading and Dianabol seems the best thing to try but I was wondering what else to take, for instance aromataze inhibitors have been mentioned but I aint exactly sure what it is for. any advice would be appreciated, thanks



no advice.
for 1 your a lucky bastard living in the uk. you can get gear all the time and not worry much

for 2 you never run an all oral cycle

for 3 if you go ahead and run an all oral cycle you will noticed you wasted money because you wont keep those gains.

for 4 injections are good and dont hurt.


Ok, now let's hear exactly why he won't keep his gains because his cycle was all oral instead of injectible. This ought to be good.


well first of all he wants to run dianabol. most likely most of the gains he will make is water weight. once he is done he will piss most of his gains right out. if he were to run pct there is a chance he could hold on to some gains. plus if he is going to run a dbol only cycle he is obviously not experienced in the gym or in the kitchen. 6 weeks will not put on enough mass to get the gains to hold onto from a dbol cycle. let me know if theres something i failed to mention. i will gladly help.


Why can't I have an all oral cycle? Maybe I should have phrased my question better and said " I can only use oral steroids, what is the best way of going about this? I am only intending on doing a 6 week cycle." Please try and answer this question. Thanks



If you want to go 6 weeks take a look at turanabol. You won't get as big as the same dose of Dianabol will make you while your on cycle, but you'll keep more of it when you come off. Also, the fact that your liver might actually survive, it doesn't aromatize, shut you down as fast, or fuck up your hair nearly as bad as 6 weeks of Dianabol probably will, are a few other consolations that should make you look more favorably on turanabol.


What are your goals for the cycle? Mass? Cutting? The fact that you mentioned Dianabol suggests you're looking for a mass builder. Do you need to keep your weight in check for a weight-classed sport? What's your training history?

Post up some info, that way you can get an informed answer.


lol im either on too much tren or roidenthusiast believes i have no idea on what im talking about.


I've done dianabol only twice with PCT and kept just about all my strength gains. Given I did piss a lot of water weight out afterwards, but that's great when remaining in a weight class :slightly_smiling:


Basically a strength and size cycle as most of my training is a cross between powerlifting and bodybuilding. I've been training a good many years now and have recently been thinking of experimenting with oral steroids. I did a little reading and dianabol is the main oral that is mentioned but i have'nt managed to find any info about taking dianabol without injecting other steroids. any help would be appreciated, thanks



Just a heads-up, some folks on here might flame you for not doing more substantive reading. Without criticizing you, I'd hope that you would want to do a lot of reading before you'd go experimenting with anabolic androgenic steroids. With proper preparation, planning, and research, AAS can be used safely. However-- and this is a HUGE caveat-- with insufficient research and poor choices you can make a huge mess for yourself.

All that said, Dianabol is something you want to be careful with. It aromatizes (you'll want to know what that means), so you're going to be dealing with a wide variety of potentially unpleasant side effects. There are milder drugs out there.

Oral turinabol was mentioned. It's a version of Dianabol that is resistant to aromatization. Granted, it's less potent that way, but it carries fewer risks of unpleasant sides.

This was a long-winded way of saying: do your research!


I couldn't agree more and believe me I will do a ton of reading before I decide what and wether to do a cycle. The problem is that most of the reading I have done has only talked about using oral steroids with injectables, there is very little on oral only cycles that i have found so far, but I will continue to look.

That I why I posted to get advice from people who have used an oral only cycle. I thought that would give me more information than just reading about it. Could you point me to somewhere where there might be info about oral only cycles? Thanks



Hmmm maybe there is a good reason why this is so.


Yeah thanks that really helped.


oral only cycles are most definitely inferior to those with injectibles.

however, I'm starting to be of the opinion that they can be run effectively. given the expectations, and goals are not outlandish.

  • 4-6 weeks of d-bol (50 mg ED) with a-dex (0.25 mg ED)
  • 6 weeks of turinabol (30-40 mg ED) with anavar (30-40 mg ED)
  • 4 weeks of anadrol (50-100 mg ED) with winny (50-100 mg ED)

liver protectants and increased water intake should be part of the cycle too.

those 3 could be run effectively....aiding in making moderate to excellent gains, which could be held on to post cycle.


I give you major props for providing a template to give those interested a base for researching the subject and making a more informed decision possible
As I stated on a similar thread: "Logic indicates that a proper PCT, taking into account the SHBG factor, should alleviate the problem and help keep most of the gains...The problem is that I can find no place or no one who appears to have the knowledge as to what a proper Turinabol PCT would be...The irrational hostility and predjudice toward oral only cycles seems to be a factor in this unreasonable lack of help on this problem...

It's similar to any form of bigotry: "Hey I have to suffer with injectables so you need to suffer too, or you are a pussy" mentality...It never seems to occur to these types that there may be a legitimate reason why a RecBB may want to do, or is limited to, an oral only cycle...[b]

I sincerely hope that someone knowledgeable here will have both the stones and open mind to help his brothers out, quit with the Guru mystic selfishness, and simply expound on a proper PCT for an OT cycle[/b] and have done with it f'crissake! (After all, a lot of you lugs have no problem advising FBB's about their oral Anavar cycles...Is that it? Sexism? Oral only cycles are only for "girls" and not for "real men" who should shed blood for their muscle enhancement? Would you have said that to the 70's BB's who used to gulp D-Bols only?...Altogether a pretty ignorant point of view if so, and you people know who you are, so if the shoe fits)"...

Have you ever felt totally naked and helpless? See yourself standing in front of a "Company Doctor" checking your body for injection sites and having to draw blood for a steroid test, one you can't refuse (and your career, and the people you support depend upon to exist!!) For the egocentric "doubting thomases" out there, be advised it can and does happen in the real world...

If one can't have empathy for such a situation, they are "Pin-Heads" in more ways than one!....


First of all anyone who works someplace where they actually stand you in front of a doctor naked looking for injection marks is an idiot. No job could be that great that it is worth that type of violation of your rights.

Secondly if they are testing you for steroid use it will show up taking orals the same as injectibles.

Third bottom line is orals are more dangerous and less effective regardless of anyones bullshit excuses for being afraid to stick a needle in there self.




i agree with the first two comments.

the third...not so much.

a tylenol is probably more liver toxic than a handful of d-bols, and you can easily experience just as nasty and even worse side effects from use of injectables.

given proper planning, careful consideration of the AAS used, diet, training and so on....an oral stack can easily meet or exceed some individual's goals. IT IS NOT IDEAL....but it can, and does work.

the commonplace ridicule of all oral stacks is valid to a degree....but on the flip side, it's also a grandfathered opinion.


Don't listen to those mister knowitalls who claim that you piss out all the gains of an all oral cycle.
Allthough I admit that adding an injectable (like winny or test) would be better, you can still make some lasting gains on orals.

As a stand alone, I would recommend 30 days of Anadrol, 100 mg per day. Yes, you will retain some water which you will lose afterwards, but if you train well and, most important, do a good aftercycle, you should be able to keep most of the strenght gains AND at between 5 and 10 pounds of muscle mass. As I said, the aftercycle is here more important than the cycle. I recommend starting the intake of clenbuterol immediately after the Anadrol cycle, starting with 40 mcg gradually climbing up to 100 mcg per day after one week. Do this for another 30 days, and then judge for yourself what your lasting gains are. Due to the anabolic effect of clen during the first 2 weeks of intake, you should be able to keep most of your strenght gains while losing a little weight (water and fat). And as you know, strenght leads to muscle mass...
Don't forget to take yohimbine (25 mg a day) simultaneously with the clen, otherwise your beta-receptors will be saturated too quickly.