Oral Only Cycle

Now I know your probably ready to flame me just for my title but bare with me…
Stats and background
31 years old, 5 years training, no previous steriod uses
Bench press 1rm - 135kg (sucks I know)
Squat 1rm - 180kg
Deadlift - 195kg
5000+ cals a day
4-5 training sessions a week

I’ve been training hard and consistent for 5 years and in the past few months my gains are very rapidly coming to a halt. Since then I’ve been contemplating the use of gear to get me going in the right direction. i’ve done my research and I know injectables are really the better way to go.

However, my mate can only get me a limited selection of gear, unfortunately no test or deca. What he can get me is shown in my contemplated cycle in the pic below.

My plan is to use the proviron with d-bol to not completely get a soft mass increase, and then use winstrol to harden the gains up after. Nolva used for PCT, as well as shit loads of glutamine and creatine, as well as DAA’s to increase libido.

I guess what my question is, would this be a successful cycle worth doing for now, or should I leave the gear for now and hope to find some test later on.

Please excuse my newbness, been lurking round here for a while and decided to get involved lol


oh yes, and im also taking milk thistle extract throughout this cycle, I know its not gonna stop most of the liver damage, every little helps right

Im here to tell you what you dont want to hear.

Find another supplier. Get better stuff.