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Oral Only Cycle


I'm planning on doing an AAS oral only cycle, due to where I live, needles and such will be a very bad idea. So what would you guys suggest for dosage, what to buy and stack, PCT, etc?


Where do you live?


How about you read the stickies and learn about what stacks are good and suggest something. Then we can say well tweak this and that. Also another good idea is give us some stats so we can make recommendations on food and training cause you can do all the anabolics in the world and but if your diet and training are not on par your going to waste your time and money.


6'4'' 196lbs been training for about 4 years now which includes powerlifting back in high school for football. Training is solid and my diet is 1.5g of protein per lb of body weigh and all that good stuff. Also, I meant dosage, what to buy and stack, PCT, etc for an oral only cycle. I understand i'll lose gains but i just wanna know what you guys would think will keep as much as possible.
-thanks again


You'll need to tell a lot more info if you are looking for help. Nobady is going to give you a hand out.


Up to 2 whole posts and ya hit us with this?

Wow...good luck with that.


Your rather small for 6'4, I would consider food before you jump to AAS, if you start from a larger natural base its easier to gain muscle when you do start using steroids.

Bench and squats for football in highschool its not "powerlifting".

Oral only is silly, your going to drop like a hundred bucks on orals and a PCT.

If you do decide to do orals only your going to want to mix a type I with a type II.

type II is easy, dbol, abombs, winny, tbol, take your pick.

Its the type I that is trickier and more expensive to aquire.


Hey thanks, I'll make sure to look it up, and you're right about the powerlifting thing in high school haha

Sorry for starting this dumb thread it's just a question i wanted to get off my chest and knew you guys would help me out.

but one more thing, what kind of gains do you think i could be expecting gain, keep, and lose?


I wouldn't be expecting much from oral only! Why cant you inject?


Gains wise with a great diet and a PCT will be about 15 pounds bulk.

Of that 15 like 3-5 or so will likely be fat/water, so you will lose a few pounds or so after you stop taking the gear, simply due to losing water from the muscle.

And depending on your diet and training you will get a pound or 2 of fat.

I would say mabey 7-10 pounds lean if you do it perfectly, and its your first cycle ever.

Dont get me wrong 10 pounds in 6 weeks is freaking awesome, but if you were to take that money, buy some dbol, a bottle of test, and an SERM for PCT youd see more like 25 pounds on your first cycle.

Injecting is a bitch when you first start out, do you know anyone personally who uses that would be willing to "hold your hand" for the first couple injects ?

Check your syringe and shit, and answer questions if you get a splutter or hit a nerve.