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Oral Only Cycle with Additional Test


Hi guys,

I'm 27, 6ft 4, 220lbs. Been lifting 6 years. Diet and training are good.

Trying to put on as much mass as possible over the winter season.

I've previously done a couple of oral only cycles, with good results. Lost a bit of water weight during and after PCT, but hung onto reasonable gains.

The time has come for another cycle, and I'm eager to progress to injections. My work commitments mean I'm at sea for 3 weeks at a time, with only 2 weeks off between. I can train and eat the same whilst away, and can take orals off without too much hassle. Unfortunately there is no way I can possible get vials or needles away.

So my question is.... Do I stick to d-Bol (or oxy) only for 6 weeks as I have done previous. Or do I hit a couple of slow release test injections whilst at home? I know it's not ideal, but is any additional test pin better than none at all?

Obviously I will be running AI throughout and Novla for PCT.

Any advice is much appreciated.



Hello fellow newbie!

I’m a newbie as I’ve done one cycle (14 weeks), but I lurked and read on the boards here for months before embarking on one. You most likely know all of the info I’m about to throw your way, so my apologies if I’m covering information you already know.

Most here are against oral only cycles, as they’re not considered a stepping stone to injections. They are widely believed to be a bit harsher (as many are methylated so they survive multiple passes through the liver and therefore innately liver toxic) and they’re only used for a short amount of time (usually to kickstart a cycle or finish strong). I’m glad you got great results from your other cycles though! Almost everyone here will say YES, any test along with it is better than none at all.

But to answer your question, I don’t see why one could not use extremely long esters. It may be a little difficult to find Testosterone Undecanoate, but that should have half-life of 19-20 days? (Once again vets, correct if wrong please!) Therefore you could probably inject with Test Prop and Test UD while during the two weeks you’re gone and then continue when you get back. Test Prop would be useful working right off the bat and then the Test UD would work while you’re away. It’d be a very interesting rollercoaster and you’d have to get the levels right…

Just a thought.