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Oral Only Advice


i was just wondering if anyone would have some advice for someone intrested in running an oral only cycle.

What would you recomend?


what are your stats mate and goal.
I would say use tbol @ 60mg e/d with usual p.c.t. This will yield 6-8lbs lean muscle over 6 weeks.

I dont personally like dbol but many will pro suggest that. I hate side from it.

I am 6’ 2" 225 lb. I really want to put on more size, more definition and if possible some fat loss along with it.

I am concernced about side effects so i would like to try and avoid something that would produce a lot of them. I was looking into both t-bol and dbol.

From what ive read, t-bol has less severe side effects and you are able to keep most of your gains, however, it seems the gains are not siginificant enough. Whereas with dbol, the gains are quite significant however the side effects are quite significant and you end up loosing most of your gains after you have finished your cycle.

I was wondering if there might be anything else that you would be able to recomend? If not, what do you think is more worthwhile between tbol/dbol?


With all orals, as with all steroids, how you will react to them is partly determined by your individual body chemistry. The simple (and only really accurate) method to determine how they work for you is to take them.

Some general rules are appropriate: get enough for one cycle at moderate dose (this avoids wasted money if it doesn’t agree with you); take it easy dose-wise at first (first athletes taking dbol only used 10-20mg/day, depending on bodyweight); have ancillaries and PCT on hand; try them one at a time to start with - if you take more than one, how do you know which is to blame for adverse sides?

Once you have found a couple that seem OK and are in different classes, you can start to stack them.