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Oral Only a No Go?

Hi all,
I have heard on many many grape vines that test is a must with EVERY cycle. Is this true? Like if you are going to take gear do you HAVE to take test as a base to get half decent results and to not screw yourself over?
Inb4 I get people hating on me for asking about oral only- I am not planning on taking gear at all, this is more out of curiosity than anything as I do hear some people about saying that they are taking just winny 2 weeks pre contest etc
An explanation as to why they are so bad would be cool too I would like to know, Iv heard it’s because they shut you down but then I thought test does that anyway so either way you would be shut down right?


taking a 2 week cycle of anything pre contest, and nothing else, is foolish. If that’s literally all a person is taking, they should just compete natty, as the results they’ll get will be so minimal, if any at all.

Ok, so test shuts down your test production, but it replaces your natural production with synthetic test. Very different from taking a different compound that doesn’t do this. That’s why a test base is such a big deal.

The biggest issue, in my opinion, with an oral only cycle isn’t this, though. It’s that the results one is likely to get from an oral only cycle are so minimal that by the time one goes through pct/recovery, no gains will be kept. It’s basically a wasted cycle. I COULD see someone doing, say, a dbol only cycle for 6 weeks leading up to a powerlifting competition, or something similar. Or if someone just wanted to look more muscular for a short period of time. If long term results are desirable, oral only cycles are useless.

Thank you for the very informative response!
That does make sense to me now that you are ‘replacing’ the normal test with synthetic (and then some) as a base to the cycle.

Sorry I should have been more clear - what I meant was they would run test, tren, eq etc things like that up to about 2 weeks out then finish on just like winny by its self.

Again thank you for the explanation and I can now see why someone in this game for the long run would definitely not go oral only :slight_smile:

So what you’re saying about oral only, with no injectables, starting 2 weeks out of a show sounds very strange to me. I’m NOT a competitive bodybuilder, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but that really doesn’t make any sense. I’ve never heard of a competitor who was already taking multiple injectables removing them all 2 weeks out of a show, and replacing them with a single oral.

So this is a question just out of curiosity… do you know multiple people who do/have done this? Has this led to success for them? Are they competing in high level shows?

Yeah it does sound strange when you say it to be fair haha
I do know of 2 people who have made it to the British finals in bodybuilding and the other in men’s physique who are the 2 people I heard this from!
I think they said it was to do with it eliminating water retention?
They would most probably be on a decent dose of growth at this stage too.