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Oral Only 2 Week Cycle


Hi guys,

Ive looking over the stickies about 2week cycles and seems like FuriousG is suggestion that one need PCT for inj. 2weekers but not with orals? How is this logical?

Anyway, would i need a pct for these cycles:

50mg dbol only 2week on/off for three cycles.


100mg drol only 2week on/off for three cycles.


50mg drol and 25mg winny 2weeks on/off for three cycles.

Inj. cycles would also be okay, but if i could avoid pct's that would be preferable. Not because its expensive but just to keep it simple and to stay healthy :slightly_smiling:


PCT: Read the stickies in the top of the forum. I'd say it's pretty simple :slight_smile:


If you wanna stay healthy start by believing that PCT is as important as using AAS. Start no cycle of any duration unless you have every product needed to finish it


Personally the only way I'd do a 2 week oral only cycle is 75 mg/day each oxymetholone (Anadrol) and oxandrolone. Or something similar.

These days I'd refine it with 10 mg/day Dianabol thrown in for the sake of the methylestradiol that will be produced, as natural estrogen levels can be predicted to drop greatly on the above dosing.

Personal psychologies vary, but if having only 2 weeks, I'd rather go to war for those two weeks than piddle around.

The above suggestions are not particularly, if at all, synergistic combinations and so even though the total daily dosage may seem similar, the results will not be.


The problem, I think with a 2/2 approach with oral only is that you ideally want to combine a drug with high affinity for the AR and a drug with low AR affinity. As far as I know, only oxandrolone and Primo Ace are going to have that high AR affinity in an oral form. Both are pretty expensive, and often faked.


Bill, would you use adex maybe at .25 or .5 EOD with the above 2 week cycle and then go into PCT (clomid or nolva) or skip the adex (well I suppose you like letro better don't you?) and just do the pct?


I wouldn't use an antiestrogen with the above stack because oxymetholone and oxandrolone don't aromatize at all, and the Dianabol is being used at a dose intended to maintain desirable estradiol levels.

But yes, I would do the PCT afterwards.


Thanks Bill. I was always confused by oxymetholone because it seems like people could never agree on whether it aromatized or not, or just produced estrogenic sides? I have never used it though, and not researched it much at all


There probably are many authors who speculate or claim that oxymetholone aromatizes, but it's an absolute fact that it does not.