Oral Minoxidill

Anyone have experience using oral minoxidill… Hair thinning is getting real bad for me and topical minoxidil irritates my scalp so that is not an option for me and finistrade has too many reported negatives,

I’d advise you to read this review:

If you don’t have access use scihub.

Cave: If you go that route, which is fine, I’d advise to be careful with the dose! Know that the oral effective dose is a fraction of the topical one as it is less efficient to penetrate the scalp skin than the intestinal mucosa. Too much minoxidil is deadly. So get the right dose prescribed by your doc.

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Thank you for the link! Oral minoxidill sounds very promising!

It will promote hair growth all over. This is a joke image, but you may get more body and facial hair.

I’d encourage you to actually look at the studies on it. It is a low percentage of people that get those sides, and of those that do, they basically all return to base line in a month of not taking finasteride.

It seems crazy to me that guys would be willing to try things like Deca and Tren, but not be willing to try finasteride.

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