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Oral Methyltrienolone


Random post here. But I just received an order from my supplier. And they tossed in a promo of oral Methyltrienolone. Ironic because the topic has come up recently regarding injectable type. Just curious if any one has actually tried it. And what were there results? Any bad sides? I’ve heard sexual disfunction is common but I can assume that’s because estrogen was not managed properly

They are black 1mg tabs. I’ve heard with the oral to stay below 1mg ED. More so 250mcg 2-3 times a day.

Or 500mcg pre workout on heavy days only. Similar to the way one might run HALO

I’m a little skeptical. I’de be willing to give it a go with a good dose of test next time I blast. Maybe 2weeks 3 tops

I’m assuming since it is a 19-nor caber would be recommended.

Anyways. Just curious



Does not aromatize to E2. But its toxicity to the liver could easily impair the liver’s ability to clear estrogens, then E2 levels could get high.

Probably better to stack with T just as one should with deca. As I have seen one guy who had his HPTA permanently wrecked on a deca only cycle, it might be prudent to not take this item by it self.


Absolutely would not run this by itself. I would consider running it with test. Along with proper ancillaries. From things I’ve read on it supposedly major body composition changes can be made in a very short period of time.
Its Anabolic/Androgenic Properties are higher than any other compound I’ve ever seen. I’m curious as to how hard it would affect progesterone/Prolactin induced sides being how concentrated it is. And dosing would be very unstable unless I was taking 250mcg Every 6 hours on the dot. Am I wrong?


I just don’t see why you would. There’s safer alternatives


I agree. I’m more than happy to pin Tren A or E. I’m sure my body will thank me for it later. I honestly don’t think it’s going kill me with small doses for short periods of time, it would be very unlikely if used responsibly. But there is always the unnecessary risk. I’ll be honest I don’t think there is any truth behind how toxic it really is. Everyone is different. One person may see amazing results with zero sides with taking 1.5mg for 4 weeks while another may end up in the hospital after 3 weeks at only 750mcg with rhabdomyolosis and kidney failure. (Highly unlikely) but still such a crap shoot with this shit it’s not worth the risk. The only problem is now I have 30 menacing black pills looking at me. I’m sure some of you feel my temptation with that. Anywho. Just trying to get some info from people who have actually ran the shit and what they’re experiences were.