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Oral methylated 4AD

I have found a source that sells oral methylated 4AD (17a.methyl-4-androstene-3b,17b-diol). They are legit and made in 50mg tabs. Will this product be very effective since it should get past the liver. What sort of dosage should one take? Also, since it is a form of 4AD, would it be legal to import into the US unlike other roids? Thanks

17alpha-methyl-4-AD is an interesting compound and potentially may be as effective as 4-AD is by injection or via heavy transdermal dosing (e.g. Androsol at 1 gram per day, i.e., 70 sprays twice per day.)

It is not protected under the DHSEA and couldn’t reasonably be sold as a supplement.
It’s not a natural product and does not yield a natural product in the body either (in contrast to N-17E and T-17E.)

It however is not on a list of controlled substances and while an aggressive prosecutor could possibly call it a C1 designer drug, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could import it without trouble.

I would not expect it to do a thing that you
can’t do with Androsol or Dianabol.