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Oral masteron (mestanolone)

Okay, I know this topic has been on every chat board and no one had a clue. Brock or Bill, do you know anything about this stuff? I’m a powerlifter looking for something to stack with test propionate that will provide good hardness and strength gain. Real masteron (Drostanol Propionate) would be ideal here, but It is impossible for me to find. Would mestanolone be a suitable substitute? Does it have any anti-estrogenic properties?

Most of this question was answered in another
thread a couple of days ago.

Mestanolone would not be “Oral Masteron”
but is rather methyl-DHT. I wouldn’t
be surprised if it had some anti-estrogenic
properties but only use could actually
give an answer. I haven’t used it.

Testosterone propionate will do all you need.
If you want antiestrogens, they’re available
in more proven forms.