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Oral Length Time?

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I had kind of a discussion, with a friend about orals.

How long is it safe to run for the liver?

Wich make most damage

We talking dbol,winstrol, anavar etc.

So in my opinion orals cant be taken between 6-8 weeks unless we are talking oxy

My friend would say 4-6.

Im a believer that 6-8 is fine as long as you using somekind of liver protection like Liv52 or Nguard.

Whats you guys opinion and the different orals?

I know if you maybe stacking up on alot like tren/mast/test it may be safer 4-6

But if saying test only or something 6-8 is fine

It’s all dose dependant. People get prescribed Accutane 80mg+ per day for half a year or longer… but they get bloods monthly. I have ran TBOL at 30mg a day for like 2 months and was fine with only a slight drop in liver values. Most on cycle support sups are just a waste of money, maybe get some tudca

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Orals are nice for front-loading a cycle. Anavar didn’t affect my liver numbers noticeably. Winstrol moved me out of the normal range. Dbol I was naughty and didn’t check, because I expected it to be bad. Winny & Dbol I just ran the first 4 weeks of those cycles. Anavar I ran the entire cycle.

dont you think 4 weeks is short?
Gain and appearence wise?

It depends on the compound, dose and individual. Assuming the same individual and similar dosages one would get more damage with Halo, then it is probably Anadrol or Dbol, then Winny, then Tbol, then Var.

The latter two I would think 8 weeks is acceptable if normal dosages of 40-50 mg a day. Anadrol, Dbol and Winny I would run 4 weeks, and the Halo, I wouldn’t run other than a single day (competition).

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What mnben87 said :slight_smile:

I liked how huge I looked on Dbol but I also knew it was water and that my liver was taking somewhat of a hit for it. I did it at a front end of a long ester cycle, giving the testosterone time to build up. You can plot out halflife curves to help plan.

So what, you will Only run anadrol, dbol and winny for 4 weeks?

I’ll say so far I’ve done a 7 week run on Var at 50 mg/day for the first 6 weeks, 100 mg a day for the last week, and 150 mg on the day of my powerlifting meet.

I have taken 1 Anadrol pill, just to try it. I am planning on using it for a meet if I don’t need to make weight, or I am way under weight. That said, I got a stomach ache on it, but I feel it was unrelated.

That is my experience. I have a ton of Anadrol, quite a lot of Tbol and a bit of Var waiting for me. I will probably give the Tbol a run next for 7 weeks (I have 100 40 mg tabs, so two 7 week runs @ 40 mg/day works out really well with only 2 left over pills).

I powerlift, so winny does not appeal to me due to joint issues.

I’ll see how I like Anadrol before trying Dbol. If I really like the Anadrol, I’ll probably just stick with those in the case I am willing to look like the Michelin Man. But for me, 4 weeks is the probably the limit on those. My blood work shows ALT / AST barely in range on just TRT, and I don’t drink a ton or anything.

When I get blood work done, with no orals in my system, AST and ALT are slightly elevated if I had a good and heavy lift the night before. Is my liver failing from working out?

The point is there is a degree to which the liver can tolerate additional stress. Hell, that’s what it’s there for. If you can take anavar for months on end with no issues (me) then you can take anavar months on end. If you run a course of winstrol and after four weeks your liver values look worse than the town drunk, well, you can’t use that anymore.

I have argued that you could run dbol at 10mg/d for many months without posing as much danger to yourself as you would running it at 50mg+ for six weeks. It all comes down to 1. how much additional stress are you causing, and 2. for how long is your body under those conditions? Winstrol at 25mg for eight weeks is likely going to be very different than four weeks at 50mg, even though it’s the same total amount.