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Oral Hyaluronic Acid for Shoulders (and Knees)

Anyone used hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate actually) taken orally for joint health?
I possibly have a chance of obtaining the powder as I am due to do some lab work prior to offering a packing service to the customer. I should be getting 1kg, so there will be plenty to go at!

If you have used this compound:
What experience did you have?
What dosage and dosages per day did you use?
Did you combine it with anything else?
How did you take it: empty stomach or with food?
My initial thoughts are to take ~50mg twice per day (about 6x the dose recommended by the customer) with food, for a month or two, then depending on results cut back to half that.

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Well I could probably 0.2micron filter it, unfortunately that wouldn’t remove endotoxins or be a validatable method either. My easy access sterilisation method would be to have the solution gamma irradiated at a 25kGy min dose (nobody really knows whats in the ‘lab sample’ boxes that go with routine sterilisation orders!) trouble is gamma doesn’t remove endotox either (you usually test before to ensure endotox is below a certain level) and gamma degrades the HA.

PS if you’re serious PM me, its not like HA is an illeagal substance, is it. Be aware its a real bastard to disolve though, another product a customer had produced by us took 10hrs mixing.

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well, one of the ideas the customer came up with was an injectable; but we’re not set up to produce this.
When I said its a bastard to disolve, it takes a long time but this may be related to Mol.wt and concentration.When I get to work I’ll look up what concentrations we used to make (there might even be some powder left in the back of the lab cupboard).

No powder left but a kilo on its way from China.
Looking at the studies mainly done in animals I see the dosage used is often the same (mg) as reccommended for human, I would have thought a 2kg cat would require less than a 110kg human.

You can buy this cheap from puritan labs but I’ve been taking 100mg per day and haven’t noticed any benefits from it.

I took it for a while and it seemed to make my eyes water. When I discontinued it a few days later my eyes were back to normal. I started it up again about one month later and my eyes started watering again. Odd huh?