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Oral for Cutting Down


Aight'. Just one simple question. If you had only access to an oral roid to preserve muscle while cutting down, say, on V-Diet, what would it be? I say Winny. What dosing protocol would you take? If ya included PCT it would be nice of course.

Thanks in advance



Well, as you have clearly put in so much effort I feel obliged to help you tweak your almost-perfect cycle.

Oh, wait...


at 20 years of age, you're still too young to gear up.


Too late. He began gearing up 3 years earlier lol.



Ok Ok I expected this reply. You're right. Well. I know winny doesn't convert to estrogen. But that doesn't mean it doesn't suppress natural test when a cycle is done. I'll do my research first, suggest a draft cycle and then ask ya fellas for a second opinion. Am a lazy lazy ass I admit haha.



You won't find many of us around here with that attitude; sorry.

If you're serious about that, don't expect much help.



Was kidding man. I'll do my research and only ask only if I really need. If I don't post here again, it means I figured my cycle out. Was stupid posting in the first place, with all the available information already available around here.


If that is you in your avatar do you really think that, at the age of 20, you have not achieved your ideal physique because of your lack of AAS, or because there are aspects of your diet and training that are lacking?

Honesty is important if you expect to achieve long term goals while using AAS.


A mixture but ofc, diet is the main factor. I'll get my shit sorted first aka diet. Then I might use a small dose AAS to preserve more muscle. Am not looking to over complicate things for now. I got good results by stacking 10mgs dianabols with ECA 1 1/2 hr preworkout. No sides, no need for PCT, no bloat, just increased strength and better pump. Yes using dbols as a supp pre workout 3 times a week instead of doin 6 weeks just to piss all the bloat in the toilet and lose all the gains done. Have passed from it.

30mgs of dbols a week is nuttin lets face it. Still I ve read somewhere around here from one of the authors that 10mgs dbols reduces cortisol by 70-80% and test levels are upped by 2.5 times baseline levels. What's nice about using dbols that way is that half life is approx 4-6 hrs. Which is ideal. So ye, those 30mgs/week, which is nuttin, are in fact helping. So on a second thought I might have answered my own question.

Why not do a proper cycle? Will reply this in advance. My first cycle gonna be test+dbol or test+winny probably, but not until age 25.


Why do people think anabolic steroids are some knid of magic potion that means you wont have to pit in any hard work and effort?


Why you sayin that? You know how I train? You know my lifting numbers? You know since when I been lifting? My height? My weight? My diet? yes? no? so man, why the hell you sayin that? You should see my join date. see? 2004. Do some math.

By the way, all I'm lookin at is to safeguard better the preservation of muscle while cutting down that's all. I hate when peaople judge others based upon nuttin.

Anyway, I ave a brain and a pair of eyes. There's already the info I am searchin for no need to ask again a question that has been asked 100000000000000000 times. As I said, this post was pointless in the first place. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Don't wanna sound disrespectful, but don't answer my original question. No need. I recognize I don't deserve it. But have done my research now, know what am gonna do. Thanks anyway.


I thought it had something to do with sorcery...guess I was wrong. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

not an attack on you OP but to anybody who thinks AAS are 'magic potions' lol