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Oral Dbol: What to Mix With?


Any suggestions on what to mix this with? The alcohol it's suspended in is so damn strong it's insane. I lost all taste in my mouth for about 5 minutes after taking just 1 ml, if I can mix this with something and alleviate some of this that would be great, thanks.


Any juice will work.

You can also squirt it on a piece of bread, roll it up into a compacted ball and then swallow it whole.


Here's my method. It's nothing spectacular but I stopped gagging (hush now) after the first couple of doses.

Take a small sip of water or juice whatever, leave it in your mouth. Squirt the dbol into the water and swallow quickly.

Or just mix it with some triple sec and cranberry while you take a bubble bath with your aroma therapy candles.



Thanks guys, I'll give water a try, I'll have to pick up some juice later.


I have always used grapefruit juice.


Lol. This is what I do. The former, not the latter.


Worked like a charm Bonez, could barely even taste it. Taking that shit straight was fucking gross lol.


Liquid Dbol tastes like burning tires filled with hair. If you get that, then you know its legit! This was even the case back in my Ref-B days.

As for alcohol based stuff thats out there now, the best thing I've found has been OJ. Kills the undesirable flavors dead.


I've heard good things about taking drugs/supps with grapefruit juice. Something to the effect that a chemical in it allows for more uptake of drugs/supps.


P450 IIRC.. It is an enzyme involved in the metabolism of certain chemicals.

Wiki has info about it if you want more detail :slightly_smiling:

As for the OP - I just suck it up (not literally) personally, and this is from someone who hardly ever drinks alcohol at all.


Planning on running a cycle of 50mg oral dbol daily and 500 sustanon weekly.... any dietary changes i should be making. Im at 2000 calories to 2500 daily 100 grams of protein,


Lol, yea, you should start eating some food.


im 6'3 229 with 17 percent body fat what foods are good or helpful to build lean muscle and cut fat


I just use Crystal Light and it works fine.


You need to make your own thread and stop hijacking this one. Right off the bat, you need to increase cals. I take in 3500 to maintain and you have 6 inches and nearly fifty pounds on me. Protein should be @ 2g per lb. IMO. Again, create a new thread.


DOH - yea, i saw the post after i made mine.

Shat all over me didn't it :wink:



The kid said: "Im at 2000 calories to 2500 daily 100 grams of protein,"


why was this posted in the steroids section?

and in a thread about oral D-Bol?

did you read any other threads before you decided to post here? because if you did then you would no not to hijack someone else's thread, especially with a question you could easily find an answer to using the search bar.


hahaha that was random as fuck!


I was responding to doh, Im running a cycle of 500 mg sustanon weekly and 50 mg of dbol daily(oral) 10 weeks on the sustanon and 4 weeks of the dbol. my pct is nova and clom. along with anavar or winstrol.

I just wanted to know any changes i could make to my diet to build some good lean muscle and burn fat like grams of carbs i should be taking in, I train 5 days a week about 2 and a half to three hours including cardio for 30-45 mins. Im consuming 2000 2500 calories daily Ive lost 85 pounds to date and im 6'3 229 with 17 % body fat..... Any suggestions?