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Oral Dbol Advice for a Safe Cycle? 2nd Time Around

Im looking into using dbol again. My first time using dbol was from 4-6 weeks but my dosage was one capsule every morning and that was it for the day. I know it was recommended like 3 a day but i didnt want to take that much. And i didnt stack any other supplements or PCT or HCG. Which i regret. But now i want to do it right and properly. I still have half a bottle left from my first cycle.
Well for 4-6 weeks i use dianabol once a day every morning and i gain about 15lb. I started at 153lb and after the 6 week i was at 165-168lb. So I figured i should stop (My intention were to just use dbol as a kickstarter). And when i did stop I didnt looked into any PCT or therapy/repair supplement or vitamin. I just woke up one day and just not pop one. And the side effects I encountered being on it were face acne (crazy breakouts) and a drastic decrease in my sex drive I couldn’t really stay erect after a min of intercourse. So thats when i really decide to stop the cycle.
So i try to workout as hard and ate the same as i was when i was on the cycle. But after i stop the cycle i notice my body wouldn’t gain anymore, my gain was pretty nuetraI. I was going to the gym 5-6 days a week. And i didnt gain any sex drive back or felt an increase. Where did i go wrong?? I looked into HCG but don’t understand on how to and what to?
But recently i stop going to the gym and it been about 6-7 months now. And i lost all my lean gains i was at 165-168lbs when i stop at the gym now 6-7months past im at 175-177lbs but its fat. Lost my definition.

So my question here is. Before i start a new cycle should i take any supplements or PCT or what not to prepare me for it or to repair my body first before doing a cycle? And how should i take it? And if i dont how should i better prepare myself for the next cycle? What should stack or supplement? And for HCG how do i take that? And anyone can PLEASE explain why lost my sex drive And if there a way to treat acne from dbol? And would i even see results starting again since i lost my gains and it been over 8 months since my cycle ended?

Lot to unpack here.

  1. You lost your sex drive because you ran an oral-only cycle and suppressed your natural testosterone
  2. You absolutely must not touch dbol again until you know what the f**k you’re doing
  3. You ran no PCT, had no plan for your cycle/PCT, and you stopped working out
  4. You are nowhere near ready to run another cycle again

I’m going to ask some questions and I want you to answer them honestly and try not to get offended. I am not being condescending, I assure you. But you need to be able to answer these questions before you can even think about touching steroids again.

Q: Why did you run dbol in the first place?
Q: Why did you not run testosterone with it?
Q: Why did you not have a PCT planned out before you stated your cycle?
Q: Where did you get your information (if any) on dbol, and steroids in general?
Q: Is your diet good enough to warrant taking steroids?
Q: Is your training good enough to warrant taking steroids?
Q: What are your long term goals?
Q: How old are you?
Q: How long have you been seriously training?
Q: What was the dosage of the dbol?
Q: Did you have/use use an AI?
Q: You mentioned HCH but not testosterone. Why is that?

There are probably more but for now these are a good place to start.


Adding another Q to the obvious:

Q: Why are you messing with gear when you’re 153 lbs? Get your nutrition and training in a good place first.

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I promise the answer is going to be something like " I train really hard for the last year and I’ve reached my genetic potential and need to get past this plateau" or something to that effect.


I love the “I can’t gain anymore” then you ask and their buddy “who knows his shit” has them doing 3 exercises at about 20 reps total something like 3 days a week and when you ask them why they don’t do more they come back with “I don’t want to over train because that’s catabolic”

Obviously that magazine that said all you need is three hours a week to have a beach body knows more than than the guys that actually a physique.

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