Oral Danabol Cycle

Each Tablet Contains: Methandienone 10 mg

NOLVADEX (TAMOXIMED) (tamoxifene) 10mg/tab

never done a cycle of anything, looking for a small entry. nothing over the top

Danabol 6 weeks 30mg day
Liv.52 2 tablets twice daily

Day 1-14 40mg nova
Day 15-28 20mg nova

looking for suggestions. thanks


NAPOSIM 5mg (dianabol)
Dianabol 6 weeks 30mg/day
Liv.52 9pills everyday 6weeks+28days pct+14days

days 1-14 40mg Nolvadex
(anti e)
days 15-28 20mg Nolvadex
(anti e)

If you have any desire of keeping any of your gains not pissing your money away, you should probably throw some test in there.

if your looking at a permanent mass gain then im afraid that you will struggle with this cycle. The gains that you will keep are possible to make with extra quality calories over 8 weeks.

Take a look at the 2 weeker cycle logs and synergy between drugs if oral steroids are going to have to be the way for you.

Please make sure you understand the implications if 17aa steroids fully - i see you have mentioned liv52, but just re-read, are you experienced enough in the gym and kitchen to make the stress on your liver worth while.

Not a flaming mate, good luck and keep us posted.


[quote]tw1st wrote:
If you have any desire of keeping any of your gains not pissing your money away, you should probably throw some test in there.

word. I basically just finished a cycle very similar to the one you are proposing and in retrospect I wish I didn’t. Don’t kid yourself, Dbol can very suppressive, even when followed by nolva.Point is, here is what I got out of my cycle: Shrunken nuts, zero libido and erections (during PCT), 10 lbs of mass, down to 5 lb gain at about 2 weeks post cycle. Some strength gain also. Was it fun? sure! but think of the opportunity cost of the situation. If you are going to shutdown your endogenous test, might as well throw in some test for 10 weeks and walk away from the matter with more size and strength.

is 30mg/week enough dianabol?
should i add and oral winstrol? 30mg/week

If you havn’t gotten your gear yet and insist on running an oral only cycle then I would look into getting some anadrol and winstrol.

i do not have access to anadrol

would u suggest dropping the dianabol

[quote]hardhead57 wrote:
would u suggest dropping the dianabol[/quote]

I have little experience with dbol/winstrol only cycles. I can’t say either good or bad idea. Going with the whole Class I/Class II thinking it should be fine. But like I said I have never done it. I have little interest in all oral cycles. It is still my belief that most cycles should be test based.