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Oral Cycle Thoughts?

Hi guys, new to the site… so please be gentle :yum:

Been on and off gear over the years, run the old classic Deca and Sus cycles along with others.

More recently I’ve only really dabbled with var cycles and stayed away from injections or test so to speak.

I’m now hoping to run another course soon and was considering dianabol over var for a change, but I’m unsure as I’ll prob have to run a nolva a day to keep the gyno at bay.

Just after some thoughts and opinions really… is dianabol really that much better than var for example?

Thanks in advance :kissing_heart:


Oy vey. Oral only cycles are such a bad idea. There’s no debate about it anymore. It’s not good for you to suppress your testosterone without replacing it. Period. Dbol only gains will vanish as fast as they come on. It’s two steps forward, two steps back.

Lol my wife says this all the time when im constantly doing dumb shit. Its a Jewish thing right?

Is it just me or does it seem like this week has had an unusual number of ‘oral only’ guys (no pun intended)?




Yeah it is, your being a tembel, ask her what that means if shes israeli ha

Lol she’s not from Isreal she’s Jewish tho. But she did know what that meant and told me lmao

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