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Oral Cycle Help required

I plan to do a 3 week cycle only using anavar and winstrol tablets. How many mg of each will I require for each week and will I need Clomid after the cycle to assist with Testosterone production?

You need to do more research before you post here. Nothing is more annoying to us than someone asking a question that has already been answered a hundred times. There are archives here, USE them! Go read Cy Wilsons article “Steroids for Dummies” a few online issues back. And forget this oral only stuff and get a needle. VB

ive heard of a cycle like this. heres how its broken down: 50mg winny/day, 5mg anavar/day, 60mg finaplix/day and 400mg of deca/week. if you are just doing the win and ana you’ll really need more than whats listed here

I don’t want to be a dick but I have to agree mostly with what vince said about researching(except the part about nothing pisses us off more than that).But its alright, we all make mistakes. Go to the previous issues section of the mag and look through the “strasseroids”, “chemical solutions”, and “steroids for dummies” articles. These should help you start out. Learn as much as you can about roids before jumping into it. If you still have questions after reading these articles then post them and we’ll help you out. Welcome to the forum.