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Oral Cycle A La TBN -- Log


Going from Tone Bone's oral cycle, which was 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, I'm going to try something similar but with 50mg/day dbol and 100mg/day var. I'm currently waiting to make an appointment with my doc to get a blood test to continue my HRT, which will take some time.

In fact I thought I would have had it done by now, but you know how insurance works, especially with HRT and us younger guys. So, in the mean time I can't take anything long-estered, and the only short stuff I've got is orals, which include only var and dbol. I figure 100mg/wk test e (always on) with 150mg/day of the orals will be 1250mg/wk.

I do have a torn labrum, which I will be getting surgery on in late January if everything works out, so I can't do a lot of upper body movements, or I've got to do them very controlled and slow, or much differently than you might imagine, so recording my workouts to post here may be confusing for some, as the weights won't accurately measure strength as others may measure it.

It will be interesting to say the least, because I haven't really done much lifting for quite some time due to the injury, but it's to the point where the inflammation is gone and I've got the most stability I'll get without surgery, so I'm going to try to regain my strength on the movements I can do, along with some size.

I figure this will be a good experiment with a seasoned user. It worked wonders for Tone, but he was fresh to AAS, and had never used injectables. I've done my fair share of AAS, various types and dosages, for some years now, so we'll see how an oral cycle stacks up at his point. Again, the dosage is quite significant, so I can't imagine it'll leave me with nothing.

I actually started today, dosing 3x/day, and am going to work out here in a couple minutes. I typically work out in the AM, but today afforded me a late workout, so I'm going with it. I'll report back soon enough, even though the stuff won't kick in until tomorrow or the next day. I'll post more details about my stats with the next post.


Var is class I and dbol is class II.


I'm interested to see how you like the var. I responded very well to it.


Current measurements left/right (don't laugh):
Arm - 17.25/17.5
Forearm - 13.5/14
Thigh - 26/26.75
Calf - 17/17
Chest - 45
waist - 33.5

My left shoulder labrum is torn so daily activities have been done much more with my right arm, so it has deconditioned much more than my right arm. I haven't continued training just my right arm because I'd rather be smaller and symmetrical instead of having a huge right arm. I can't do any pressing whatsoever so my chest is pretty much flat.

It's been at least six months since I've done any pressing, so that measurement is pretty much my back. I cut back on leg training so they stay in proportion to my upper body. To give you an idea of my previous measurements pre-injury: arm - 19, forearm - 15, thigh - 28.5, chest - 49.

Current weight: 223 lbs
Previous weight: ~245 lbs

I chose to lose weight and remain lean instead of maintain weight and get chubby. I've also been doing a ton of cardio to kill time since I can't lift much. I pretty much stick to walking with a weighted vest and elliptical.

I did run a 15k last Saturday, and haven't done anything since. The inflammation and extreme pain in my shoulder is pretty much gone, but the pain from the injury itself it still present, so I have to be very conservative with my workouts, as stated.


I have never taken var, so I'm interested too! I've heard good things.


Monday 11/26

7:00am - elliptical, 25 min

7:45pm - back, 45 min

BB row - 5x10 @ 135, 185, 225, 225, 225
Pullup - 4x10 @ bodyweight
Shrug - 3x15 @ 225, 315, 315
Rear lateral raise - 3x15 @ 20, 25, 25
Single arm band row - 5x20 @ blue band

For not working out much in a while I have maintained a decent amount of strength. I chalk a lot of this up to my use of IGF, as before today when I have worked out I maintained most of my strength despite long layoffs. I did experience a nice pump even with low-carbs.

I am not on the AD per se, but I do eat low-carb as I can't have gluten or lactose. I typically eat a large carb meal of fruits or rice twice per week, but that's about it.

My goals for this cycle are to increase strength and mass of the muscle I can work, while maintaining leanness. I think this should be fairly easy considering I'm already lean, I do plenty of cardio, and the whole 'muscle memory' thing.


Sweet. Weren't you one of the guinea pigs for that oral experiment Bushy was going to do?

I agree that you probably won't lose much of your leanness given your diet and the level of bodyfat I saw in your pics...

Man, I am loving all these logs. Giving me lots of thought for my first. Though with all the choices, it might be too much thought....


I was going to be, but I've been going through some stupid shit to get my doc appointment. Yes, it really has been that long sorting this shit out.


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Thanks Bushy, I thought about asking you for something like Anastrol, but with my shoulder the way it is I'm avoiding winstrol due to the potential joint pain it can cause. Maybe down the road when I get everything fixed up, especially since winstrol has some nice SHBG binding properties.

Now it's off to the gym for a somewhat early-morning workout. It's getting cold (~35F), which makes the morning workouts a bit less motivating.


Tuesday 11/27

7:30am - arms, 45 min

Rotator cuff circuit - 1x20 @ green Theraband
DB Preacher curl - 3x10 @ 40 40 40
Kickbakcs - 4x10 @ 30 40 40 40
Lateral raise - 3x15 @ 30 40 40

I take my time with arms as it really seems to both my shoulder, considering the biceps tendon attaches the labrum. Much rest between sets, and a much longer warmup. I felt good though, but nothing super spectacular yet. Considering it's been a while I am satisfied.


Geez, Tone, you would hate to work at my place. Last night I was working out in my garage gym in shorts and barefeet...and the temp in there was -2C. And I was glad it hasn't been that cold cause it's going to get worse soon!!

And Schwartz, I find it adds to the motivation. Just to get it done with so I don't freeze!


I actually have a home gym (indoors, though limited), so I may start working out here. Why would you work out in bare feet in -2C, on what I'd imagine is concrete in your garage. I don't mind the cold, and I actually like running in the snow, but it's the trek to the gym in the dark, wee-hours of the day that just sucks.


Maybe I didn't see it so forgive me if you have already stated this, but how many back to back 2 weekers are you planning on running? Or is it going to be based off your results?


Oh the barefeet is a carryover from the summer when I was toughening them up. And I like being barefoot rather than in shoes. Though I will be lacing up soon enough when it gets really cold. But I have plywood on the floor so I'm not on bare concrete. It hits -10 most days in the garage in winter so the only downside, and it isn't much, is grabbing those cold-ass metal bars!

I agree about the trek being the hard part. The cold doesn't get to me much once I am training but just looking forward to the cold is not so easy. And I only have to walk down my hallway. Much harder to want to head out in the early morning freeze like you.

Do you think this cycle will help you with your surgery? What I mean is, do you think it will help you recover/gain to make your surgery less complicated and the recovery more swift?


So where did you decide upon for the shoulder surgery? In-state?

Also, considering how long you've been injured, you haven't shrunk too much. Although I'd kill for 15" forearms, I'm probably at 13.5 myself (by far my weakest point). The only advantages are my relatively narrow wrists, which give the illusion of them being bigger than they really are.


I'm looking into India. www.shoulderindia.com looks like the best and most cost-effective solution at this point. Unfortunately with currency exchange it'll still be quite expensive.

I actually haven't seen many other options, so if anyone knows of anything I'm open to options.


The last two days (and I'm only two days in) have been markedly different. By last night my heart rate increased and my heart beat was much more forceful. It's been like that all day today. I definitely food overall "good," probably from the dbol, and considering I haven't really been working until just recently I feel strong and dense. I can say the stuff has kicked in, so it's time to strap in for the ride.

I am getting my body fat tested tomorrow via hydrostatic weighing. I am very curious as to where I am now that I've been away from the weights and lost so much mass.


Going all out. Now you can get some accurate results. Are you going to get it tested at the end of the cycle too? I think it would be interesting to find out how much you change after a few weeks being off too.

You'll have some muscle memory too. I've been out of the gym a few times and lost a bunch of size but it always comes back quickly even without AAS.


Tone, I can send you a couple Therabands when I mail back your DVDs. It's hard to get psyched up to lift, take AAS, and then have to hold yourself back to avoid further injury. Sort of makes lifting mentally difficult, trying to put out effort, but not too much effort. I'm sort of an all or none guy, which probably got me where I am in the first place.

Hagar, the body fat testing was more just a chance occurence. A friend of mine will be weighting a couple people tomorrow and said if I wanted in to be there tomorrow afternoon. It'd be nice to have some pre-injury or post-cycle numbers, but we'll have to see about that.

Early morning workout today, woo hoo!