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Oral Contraceptives vs. AAS Hormone Levels


I can't remember where I read something along the lines of "so, it's legal for a woman to take oral contraceptives, which will increase her E levels to about <10...100...forgot exact number> times the normal physiological level [...] while a man taking test which will increase his levels to the physiological- high level is a criminal."

Anyone know how much do the pills actually increase E levels above physiological levels?


Either is legal with a doctor's prescription. Both are illegal without.


Ahem... Only pertinent answers, please.

Even if pills are "illegal" without a prescription, I don't think a woman who'd take pills w/o prescription would face criminal charges. Also, doctors prescribe them for anything and everything, like acne, and to anyone who asks them (presuming that that someone doesn't have some incredible CV risk or anything else that could be aggravated by extra exogenous hormones).

But doctors won't prescribe test/D-bol etc. if you want to get bigger/stronger faster (even if you're not an athlete).


His answer was completely pertinent.

And this isn't a simplistic "look at the difference in how society treats male hormones vs female hormone" issue as you've tried to frame it. AAS are scheduled drugs for a variety of mostly foolish reasons, thus yes, the penalties will certainly be higher for unprescribed use.


Its completely unclear if you are mad at the law or the doctors. Yes I am aware of the relationship between the two, but it is not the one way relationship I get the impression you believe it to be.

And how much do "the pills" raise estrogen? Um there are quite a few brands of female contraceptive. They all have different methods of contraception, covering more than just increasing estrogen.

Check out a website called "Google"