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Oral Clen/T3

Does anybody have any experience with oral clen and t-3 from chemoneresearch? If so, how did you dose it. I have taken clen in pill form three times and I used the t-3 twice, but it has been a while. The stuff you can get from chemone looks like a decent deal, just wanted to know a few more things about it- Dosage, length, and so on.

If I can get a 60 ml bottle and I use:
40mcg 3 days
60mcg 3-days
80mcg 3-days
100mcg 3-days
80mcg 3-days
60mcg 3-days
40mcg 3-days
How many bottles will I need to purchase to run this cycle through?

I was also going to use the t-3 in the same manner:
The bottle for the t-3 is also 60 ml. How many bottles would I need?
I would appreciate any advice that you have!

Sorry for the mistake, I meant liquid clen & t-3.

Are you saying your bad with math?
At 200mcg per ml and a 60ml bottle theres 12000 mg of T3 in that bottle. A bottle of T3 will last you many cycles.
Have you researched these products fully? They are very strong compounds and shouldnt be used at all if you dont fully understand them.
Do you plan to use these products during a cutting cycle? If not stay away from the T3 as you will lose a ton of muscle along with the fat. Id also start at 25-30 mcg per day and would only ramp up to 70-80 at the most. More just isnt necessary in my opinion.

Bad at math, no necessarily, but bad at conversions. Mcgs to ml to mg’s, I just don’t understand the conversion process! I’m not stupid, but maybe a little slow, HAHA. I have used these products before, just nt in liquid form, only in pill form. Its been 6 years or so and they worked great! Lost some extra fat and did keep on the muscle. I appreciate your advice!

I do knw that you have to be very careful as serious side-effects can occur with misuse. I am trying to cut and have a good diet and cardio program going right now and am seeing great results. Just wanted to add these in there to get a little extra bump. If you have any other recommendations< let me know!

There is no conversion…its mcg to ml. If you cant figure that out you might want to slow it down …just a thought

I understand your point!

So what is the most effective way to administer liquid t3?
As far as splitting the daily dose and how its actually taken.