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Oral Anavar for My First Cycle

hey there,I’ve been training for 10 yrs but have a strength coach the last 2yrs.I only see him once a month for guidance.My bf has been as low as 5.5% at arround 75kg but the last few mths,due to stress I’m told it’s been all over the place.My diet is perfect all of the time and my training also.I’m age 35 and have decided to give anavar a try.

I’m gonna do 8wks at 40mg per day.also, a pct of novaldex.This is my first steroid so I’m a bit nervous.I wanna drop back to 5% and maybe gain a few kilo’s.I’m carrying most of the fat in my stomach and legs due to stress and poor sleep.I’m just wondering,will I be back to square one after cycle.(if it does what I want it to do for me)

I am gonna take 20mg at 7.30am and 20mg at 4.30 approx as I am not a great sleeper and don’t want to take it too late in the day.
any feedback from experience wud b greatly apreciated.
thanks in advance