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Oral Anavar & Dbol in One Pill?


Hey all, just wondering if any of you have ever heard of an oral steroid that is both 100mg anavar and 40mg dbol put together in one pill. I've done a few cycles in the past, and have my trusted people to buy from, but an old friend of mine has offered me this and to be honest, it just seems sketchy to me. Supposedly his dealer buys in bulk and thus there is no sealed bottle (this is my biggest concern because I have never trusted someone who can't sell a sealed bottle).

Just looking to get the heads up, because from what I've been told about it, I would be getting a huge deal on it, but at the same time, I don't wanna pay for something that isn't what it's supposed to be...


Never heard of it being done but it is possible to make that combination however 100mg of Anavar a Capsule is pretty high freaking dose. Personally I wouldn't trust it but, I dont know how reliable your source is.




I would be wary of 100MG anavar especially if it seems too cheap. Anavar is expensive and usually comes 10mg or 50mg.


Probably mostly all dbol.


One can buy anavar and dbol as powders and make whatever you want. The dosage and combination is wack. Pure wack.


the orals are usually used for 2 opposite effects... not sure why you'd want both...


That's what made me confused in the first place. Thanks everyone though, I'll just stick to my usual people, least I know that what I'm paying for is what I'm getting.


Fuck it. It isnt worth it.


Anavar and dbol work very well together, if your liver can take it.


Well they both give you strength lol


there used to be a tablet of Winni and D-bol together....

if i recall, it was 25mg of each.

i agree about the price of those.... 100mg of Anavar in addition to 40mg of D-bol would be insanely expensive......


Like 12 dollars a pill expensive.


And yet, the actual price for the powders is no more than 2 dollars. Those guys who brew and sell steroids for a living make a goddamn fortune.


Well it is technically drug dealing. Even if we don't see it as that serious. Huge risk = huge reward


Yep, just like everything that is illegal. I am really curious to see how far Holder takes the lessening of non-violent drug related charges though. I think that could be a keystone of his entire career if done right. Something that will actually make a difference.