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Oral - Anadrol/WInny



Spent a lot of time recently reading into anadrol and winny and looking to run something in the lines of 2 week on-off 3 times at 100/50.

This is my first time and I'm assuming that running 2 on/off will reduce suppression and ease some of my liver's workload.

What will keep me safe in the liver and general health departments (e.g. milk thistle, etc)?

Any advice you have for me at all will be appreciated.


You already probably have read that ORAL ONLY cycles are NOT the best choice for a productive and efficient cycle.

While the 2 0n - 3 off method may somewhat reduce HPTA inhibition, you also wont get very far with accruing appreciable muscle mass.

Yes you will temporarily "blow up" -- but glycogen depletion and lowering of aldosterone hormone during PCT will dissipate the gains made.....

If you have access to injectables --(which if you have winn/anadrol) I assume you do, then that would be best for quality and sustainable gains given you run HCG concurrently and also follow a sound PCT regimen.

If you hate needles, and hate suppression as it is scary if you do not want to rely on TRT, then for an OTC hormone --- AndroMass or AndroBulk would be exceptional.

Both hormones are unmethylated and lymphatically absorbed. Can be ran for 8+ weeks and dosing once-a-day will allow far less HPTA suppression and allow gain retention.



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Referring to AndroMass and AndroBulk lol .....I know how oral AAS work.



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Hi Matt,

Yeah, I am aware Injectables are better all-round, however I'm just not prepared to do this at the moment.

I was under the impression that the win would help hold a lot of the gains made from the drol?

I do not know a great deal about the andro-series, but I would've thought these do not sit anywhere near the same league as the oral AAS. Does andromass require a proper PCT?


Could I please trouble someone for some more information on the original post?


There are quite a few threads on anadrol/winstrol combination.

What exactly are you confused about?


Winny would simply just be more predictable in what you may keep since it is very dry and water-free.

Drol would be an "insta-blowup" type effect and dissipate once ceasing usage. You could potentially blow up 20+ lbs from this drol winny cyle due to the sodium retention that will occur from the Anadrol. i just see that 20+lbs quickly disappearing once you stop due to HPTA suppression (methyls sht you down hard as the metabolites linger in your body longer)

also the fast depletion of water weight.

The reason I mentioned AndroMass or AndroBulk is because they are absorbed very efficiently and also are structured to be dosed once in the morning as blood hormone levels mimic the natural circadian pattern of natural endogenous release.....so basically you get high levels of active hormone in your blood for 18-20 hours and have a small period at night where LH and FSH still signal and keep suppression to a minimum. (There is blood work to back this up too)

This stuff is similar to something like Biotest's OLD MAG-10 (2002) when people would gain 14lbs in 3 weeks from a 4AD / 1 AD ethyl carbonate.



I can appreciate the fact that you would lose a lot due to water retention, but surely there are some physical muscle gains to be had too?? I had hoped that 2 weeks off between each cycle would be enough to minimise suppression.

I've read through as many of the drol/winny forums that I've been able to find, however I was hoping to engage people who have specifically tried what I want to try.

Matt, does AndroMass involve water retention as well? What realistic gains are there to be had on this? What sort of PCT does it require?


To accrue solid muscle mass in 2 weeks bursts will be extremely difficult to achieve unless one is perhaps doing a "Paul Borreson" approach and use ungodly amounts to initiate a myriad of hormonal growth responses. That option is simply not realistic and potentially more dangerous.

I feel that if you were to cycle slower you can better hold and "solidify" your new gains. It's almost like in PE class climbing the to the top of the rope , touching the bell, then falling back down quickly ---- you dont want to touch a body weight---- then instantly let go of it.

The beauty of the Andro products is that design of delivery which will MILDLY suppress HPTA function, since you only dose once a day for a 18-20 hour hormone active life -- allowing lh and fsh to still pulse at night.

This will allow the user to safely cycle for 8+ weeks and not be OVERLY suppressed and better maintain new found mass.

Also you avoid the unhealthy risk of stacking 2 17aa oral steroids together.

AndroMass could cause sodium retention due to 4-androstenediol directly agonizing the ER, however, there is a hefty dose of highly absorbed Androsterone (600mg) to act like a anti aromatase and keep gyno and water balance in check -- also aid in strength, aggression, and sex drive.



Hmm I see... I've seen a fair few people claim they have successfully run this same cycle and making gains. Can someone experienced with this cycle please add to this?

Matt, what are the typical sides of AndroMass, and what are REALISTIC gains to be had from this product? I've read a couple of successful logs, however the successful ones seem to be eating 4000-5000 calories, so I question how much they gained from the product itself.


Sides are from the androgenic nature of epi/androsterone converting into 5a-androstanediol and DHT.

4DHEA --> 4-Androstendiol CAN cause some water retention, but most users stayed tight and not bloated which could be attributed to the anti-aromatase properties of the Epi/androsterone.

I have a good friend on AndroMass v3 and he has LOST weight, due to slight calorie deficit and in 3 weeks I was "WOW'ed" by his dramatically tighter mid-section, serratus and obliques.

Went from blurry definition to much more crisp...



Can you please advertise your products somewhere else. You have forums where you openly have "primordial performance reps" giving bodybuilding advice.


Yeah. I think I have made up my mind on running Anadrol and Winstrol, I'd just like to get some more info from people who have specifically run this as a 2 on/off cycle as I've asked above.





newb here, but planning on a 2 week cycle of test dbol and mayb some mast. I will be following this, and am very interested in how this works out for you, so if u do it, id like to read about it... hear how it all works out. I read some threads on anadrol/ winny, sounds like a good combo, possibly the most effective oral combo for a two weeker.


mate i would be happy to give you feedback after i run it, if there's any experienced people out there though that can provide some more info about it, I would be infinity grateful.